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The Internet And His Powers

Postiwyd gan DanielleNicole15 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 21/11/2011 am 12:49
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So, there is this technological place that we call the internet. Is this abstract phenomenon really as utile as we presume? I mean, is it a necessity to one's life? Do we actually require it? 

Yes, it could be articulated that the internet ‘educates’ people, but before his time, people managed. People managed without him. Some of the most intelligent people of this world solved some of life’s mysteries without him - take Thomas Edison, who created the light-bulb.

However, people now have this pre-conceived brainwave that we wouldn’t be able to cope without him, they ask: ‘How would we research and become educated on certain subject matters?’ – well, read books. ‘How would we escape from reality?’ – you could talk to someone or write things down. You don’t require him, this marvel that we call the internet. He doesn’t decrease the world’s problems, he only creates them. What does he actually give to the world that it doesn’t already have? You could say a means to share work electronically. Well, in answer to that, how do you think organisations functioned without the internet before? They communicated and produced work by hand, including more thought into what they were actually doing. The internet’s mission is to travel the world, shoot down common social interaction and to educate people to generate their feelings by using a keypad. 

Many use this optical illusion of reality as a journey to escape. By using sites such as Facebook or Twitter, people escape from issues that really matter, like work and family feuds. People are desperate to see what other human beings are doing at this very moment, like eating their tea or listening to the latest clichd song - but why? Why is it so essential to know what others around us are doing at this moment, what they are thinking or their opinions on a certain topic of conversation? Why is this used as a means to escape? He won’t save you. 

So, this idea that people can use the internet as an effective method to escape, is this really so? The internet is a world of callous criticism, belittling bullies, sickening sights of death and cruel images, which a minority would find amusing. He has the power to grab hold of the young and innocent and pollute their healthy blue veins and turn them black. He can influence views, change the world, destroy lifelong ambitions and he can even kill people. 

Has it ever crossed your mind how many more Einsteins the world would possess if it wasn’t for this degrading ladder of social networking sites and other sites that possess explicit content? He is irritatingly powerful. He is dully hypnotic. He can pull you away from things that really matter. He can make you believe things that are far from authentic. 

People get dragged into this facade that we need the internet, just like humans need their hands and feet. We do not.

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Rhoddwyd sylw 54 mis yn ôl - 23rd November 2011 - 10:07am

I made the internet male to personify it, in order to make my article easier to understand. However, you may think of the internet as a 'her', which ever is your prefered choice.

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