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The Incredible Adventures Of Dr. Ray Gunn: Chapter Two

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Chapter One – Welcome To My Lair

Chapter Two – The Shield’s Defeat (Hopefully)

Everything was perfect. The mayor was holding a ceremony in City Hall where The Shield would hand him the big gimmicky check, while the cameras do a close-up. I hate those big checks. They’re not even real.

The problem was security. You see, I’d brought my freeze ray, but I hadn’t thought about the guards’ tasers. They’re pretty hot, and they melted my works. You know, if it weren’t for the tasers, I could have sold the frozen guards as ice sculptures. Profit is worth everything. You know who pays you to defeat a man who builds orphanages?


I did run, though. My boots have been permanently aided with my speed ray’s power, so they didn’t catch me, but it was close. Too close for my liking. The line was clogging up the front and security was guarding the back. This wouldn’t be as easy as I’d thought.

In a smaller city, security wouldn’t be such a problem. Drat those New Indiana cops. Did you know that The Shield almost convinced the mayor to call them The Shield’s Troopers? They’d all have worn those horrid navy coats, with a shield with a ‘T’ on it. I mean, how big headed can you get?

I could see the ceremony through a window. My god! I could have used my disappearing ray to get rid of the window, then get The Shield from there! What I need is an all-purpose ray gun with energy bullets from all ray guns in one place. Too bad I’m not some kind of scientist.

I decided I couldn’t sink any lower and decided to watch the ceremony through the window on a bench, eating some frozen yogurt. I like the one with the berries.

“New Indiana’s saviour, The Shield has kindly come to award the city a new orphanage. The hero says that this will be a fine establishment that will treat young boys fairly and equally,” the mayor announced, before The Shield butted in.

“I am proud to announce the opening of ‘Shield’s New Indiana Home for Orphaned Boys’!”

I scoffed. I hate gender separation in things like that. They’re just kids, what’s the worst they can do, pull each other’s hair? I scraped the bottom of the frozen yogurt pot with my spoon and sat there for a moment, unaware of the crowd of people pouring out of City Hall.

“Look! It’s that weird dude with the illegal ice gun thing!” screamed a guard.

I took a moment to note his terrible understanding of what a freeze ray is. Then I ran.

I ran past the big intimidating skyscrapers, quickly going through the line for the Space Needle. I zigzagged through streets and avenues, before running down the stairs to the famous subway system.

“METRO CARD, NOW!” I screamed to the man behind the glass. “FIVE DOLLARS.” I handed him a note, shifting my weight impatiently as he took an age to put the money on the card.

I ran down the stairs, across the platform, and I made the 28 train, just before the guards had a chance to reach me. I smiled and sat down.

I won’t lie to you, I got funny looks. Seriously funny looks. I probably looked like a dentist-meets-doctor-meets-psycho, which I kind of am. I have exceptionally good teeth, I’ll have you know.

I waited until I got to the station nearest my house, so I stayed on the train as it went under the water to my neighborhood. I got out and walked to my home. New Indiana is so big, that if the police don’t know which stop you’re getting off of, they’re screwed. The only problem is that they now recognise my face. Fame has its pros and cons, I guess. I went down to my lair in shame. Mother didn’t say a thing.

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