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The Incredible Adventures Of Dr. Ray Gunn: Chapter One

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Chapter One – Welcome To My Lair

Welcome to my lair. All right, it’s a basement, but it’s a work-in-progress, I swear! My name is Dr. Ray Gunn, also a work-in-progress. I live here, in my lair with my trusted contraptions. I specialise in ray guns. I’ve invented a freeze ray, a flame ray (well, that’s just a big lighter) and a speed ray. I bet you’re bursting with excitement, hanging on my every word. You’ll want to know if these work in practice; I don’t blame you.

I can’t tell you. The reason for this is pretty plain – I haven’t actually used them. I’m a villain, yes, but that, like so many other things, is a work-in-progress. I can’t tell you much, of course. This is highly confidential stuff. I can tell you that I live in New Indiana, USA, one of the biggest cities in the world. We have skylines and skyscrapers and the best subway system around, trust me, and soon it will all be mine.

The lair’s venue is confidential, of course, but I can tell you that...

Darn. My mother called me in the middle of writing, and I’ve forgotten what I was going to tell you. No worries, I’m sure it wasn’t something important. I probably shouldn’t have told you I live with my mother, though. Let’s keep that between us.

My arch-nemesis does not yet know I exist. That fact will unfold in my favor, trust me. I’m asking you to trust me a lot, aren’t I? You probably shouldn’t, you know, me being a villain and all. You’ve probably heard of my nemesis’ name. He’s known as The Shield, and as my luck would have it, he’s also based in New Indiana.

Dr. Ray Gunn will soon control this city. I would say “and then the world”, but New Indiana is home to the president of the United States, it has the tallest building in America and Wall Street. New Indiana is almost worth the rest of the world combined. You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you can make it in New Indiana, you can make it anywhere”, which is true, but you’ll probably want to try ‘anywhere’ first. Not me, I’m good enough for the big bad city that never sleeps.

My lair is big and dark. My bed is large and black, at the top of the room; it is placed in front of the stairs that go down into the lair. The stairs are big, going from the bottom to the centre of the room, ending just next to my bed. The stairs are steel and creaky, just the way I like them. My guns are in holders along the sides of the stairs. I have a wardrobe on the right of the room and a desk to the left. I am proud of my lair, but there’s room for improvement, definitely.

I’ve been lazy. I know that now. It’s been my effort that’s lacking, not luck. I’ve thought of a way to get The Shield once and for all. I saw him earlier today, talking to his secretary. He was in the middle of the street talking about what ought to be confidential plans. He was so unprofessional.

“The mayor will be so happy,” he said, “when I give him the money he needs to set up the new orphanage tomorrow.”

The secretary swooned. I am not making this up. She thinks The Shield is attractive? Wait until she sees Dr. Ray Gunn’s grand appearance. Then she’ll swoon. The Shield is nothing compared with me; he’s just had the chance to let what little talent he has shine through. I really wish people would stop treating him like a king or something. What’s he done? Saved a cat? Please. I could do so much more. I just need a costume.

I have been working on my costume. My mother’s been sewing it all night for me, and tomorrow it’ll be ready. It’s a white lab coat with Dr. RG in big letters across the back. Everything’s white, from the coat, to the waistcoat (yeah, I’m fancy) to the pants to the boots. I look so professional. What does the shield have? A coat. He wears regular clothes and a black coat with a blue shield on it. Mind you, it’s a nice coat, but he could make more of an effort. I’m trying to look good here!

Back to the conversation I was talking about, I should be more focused on Ellie Oaks. She’s The Shield’s girlfriend, and she hangs on to his arm every time he does the simplest thing.

“Oh Shieldy,” she’s cry, “thank you ever so much for holding the door! You’re so strong; I never could have opened the door myself!” It’s sickening.

Tomorrow, she, The Shield and the whole city will see who I am. They can run, but they can’t hide. Well, technically they can, I don’t have a tracking device. Actually, I’d rather them hide because physical exercise doesn’t appeal to me. So, yeah, city; hide! I’ll find you! Hopefully.

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