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The Budget Cuts In Cardiff: 6 Things

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So some of you may have heard about the cuts that are coming. If not, basically Cardiff Council are making £50 million worth of cuts to their budget for 2014/15.

What does this actually mean? Well last week the Council laid out in a document how they’re planning on doing it.

Now it’s fairly weighty 38 page PDF (click here if you’re feeling strong) and I gave it a quick skim and here’s what stuck out.

1. They’re Cutting £1 Million From Cardiff Youth Service 

You may have seen the Cuts Affects You(th) movement on here or Facebook or heck even ITV News and it seems they knew something was afoot, as it looks like the youth service is going to take a pounding.

“Youth clubs will no longer be provided from: Radyr Youth Centre, plus provision at Creigiau and Gwaelod-y-Garth, Whitchurch Youth Centre plus provision at Tongwynlais, Llanishen Youth Centre, Ty Celyn Youth Centre, Howardian Youth Centre, Pentwyn Dome, Trowbridge, and Dusty Forge, Ely. Additionally we propose to reduce funding for open access youth provision at Cathays Community Centre.”

So that’s 12 youth centres and provisions that are on the line, which is huge for young people in those areas of Cardiff.

Liberal Democrat MP for Cardiff Central Jenny Willott said on Facebook earlier, “I’m really concerned that Cardiff Council are proposing to slash the budget which support young people. The Youth Service does excellent work engaging with those young people who don’t otherwise use facilities. There are already too few settings for young people and I don’t want to see them end up with fewer still. I hope Labour will think again.”

There’s a petition doing the rounds if you want to have your say on this.

2. They’re Cutting Over £700,000 From St. David’s Hall, New Theatre & Cardiff Story Museum

Again there’s been stuff in the press already about this and they’ve probably put it more eloquently than I can but any threat to survival of these institutions of Cardiff’s cultural life would be a real shame.

3. Unlocked Parks At Night

Currently the council lock 18 parks in the city at night (Roath Park (including Pleasure Gardens), Parc Cefn Onn, Bute Park, Victoria Park, Thompsons Park, Fairwater Recreation Ground, Insole Court, Bishops Palace, Llandaff Fields Barrier, Plasturton Gardens, Grange Gardens, Trelai Park, Helen Street, Shelley Gardens, Waterloo Gardens, Mill Gardens, Roath Brook Gardens and Llywnfedw Gardens) but they’re proposing a reduction to that.

Apparently they’ve been running a trial with some parks since last April and “There has been no resultant adverse impact to date” but this seems to me like asking for trouble, especially if they’re going to be unlit, with the potential for vandalism, anti-social behaviour or worse happening in them at night. The suggested saving of this scheme is only £18,000. 

4. No More Black Bags

I know we’re meant to be recycling and stuff but sometimes you've got to stick stuff in the bin and have you seen the prices of bin bags? They’re like three quid in my local shop and I work so can fork out but there are many people on low incomes in this city and the extra expense is going to bite in these tight times. The suggested saving of this scheme is £42,000.

5. Reduction in Night Time Economy Budget

Yeah I didn’t know there was a Night Time Economy Budget or even what the heck it is but a £50,000 cut in it will mean “a reduction to the Taxi Marshalling service”. If you don’t know who they are, they basically help the… let’s say tired and emotional into cabs on a Friday and Saturday night.

Big whoop, right? But these guys and gals are lifesavers and help ease tension in our city centre. Yeah, people shouldn’t get so wasted but people do, as they do across the UK and Cardiff was doing something really smart and sensible with these Taxi Marshals. It would be a shame to lose them.

6. Less Buses

Cardiff Council chip in and support on some bus services but now they’ve not going to do it so much. The plans are…

"Withdraw Sunday and evening services on a number of services - 1/2 (City Centre to Minton Court), 138 (Central station to Pentrych/Creigiau), 86 (Central station to Lisvane), 136 (City Centre to Pentyrch Creigiau). Combine bus services on 38/26c (City centre to Gwaelod y Garth/Gabalfa Circular). Reduce frequency of 6 (Bay Car) on evenings, early mornings and Sundays."

Young people need buses more than anyone to get around… but I am supportive of the cuts to the Bay Car, as they roll past my house and interrupt my TV signal, hey this is my article after all, I can be a bit selfish. These proposed cuts will save about £100,000.

Anyway there’s tonnes more in the big document o’cuts and this article is by no means definitive, just my quick thoughts after a skim of the proposals.

And that’s what they are at the moment, proposals. There’s still time to have your say on these cuts, as there’s a consultation going on until Thursday 13th February 2014, check it out here -

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CutsAffectYOUth on Facebook

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