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Take A ‘#Selflessie’ This Week For #VolunteersWeek

Postiwyd gan Tom (Sub-Editor) o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 01/06/2014 am 00:01
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Tenovus and TheSprout are encouraging volunteers across the country to share their selfless volunteer work online by taking selfies and posting them to Twitter and Facebook, as part of national Volunteers’ Week 2014.

The leading cancer charity wants volunteers to use the hashtag ‘#Selflessie’ – a selfie of doing something selfless – and post pictures of them volunteering or doing a selfless act to the Tenovus Facebook page and Twitter (@tenovuscancer) feed, as well as to @FeedTheSprout with the hashtags #selflessie and #volunteersweek.

The interactive magazine and information service for young people in Cardiff is promising to RT (retweet) any tweets posted to @FeedTheSprout, in an attempt to boost the profile of volunteers in Wales and to celebrate the wonderful work that they do! We simply ask that you include the name of the organisation for which you volunteer, so we can boost their profile, too! Hopefully, it will inspire others to try out some new volunteering experiences!

The week-long activity coincides with the countdown to the Tenovus Volunteer Awards in association with NewLaw, their annual celebration of the outstanding volunteer contributions made to the charity. This year, the award ceremony will be attended by the charity’s Royal Patron HRH The Princess Royal. So, if you are a Tenovus volunteer, it is the perfect time to share your work online!

Looking for some ideas for your #selflessie? Here are some ideas from Tenovus:

  • How about dropping off a bag of clothes to your nearest Tenovus shop and taking a #selflessie of you outside?
  • Taking part in a fundraising event for Tenovus? Get a #selflessie of you out training in your Tenovus top! These are just some ideas, Tenovus would love to see your own!

If you were wondering, the definition of a #selflessie is ‘The act of doing something selfless and wanting your friends to know about it’! As Tenovus’ Volunteer Development Co-ordinator, Katie Taylor, articulates, it’s time to “harness the power of the selfie… [this] Volunteers’ Week!”

Follow Tenovus on Twitter @tenovuscancer or Like them on Facebook at Follow theSprout on Twitter @FeedTheSprout or Like us on Facebook at

Follow updates from Tenovus and theSprout during Volunteers’ Week by searching #selflessie and #volunteersweek on Twitter and Facebook.

You can find a whole host of volunteering ideas at Volunteer Community Service, or by searching theSprout’s Organisations Directory, at*.

Please note: Tenovus Freephone Cancer Support Line is open 8am – 8pm, seven days a week on 0808 808 1010. 


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*Although our Directory’s primary function is for young people to find the support services they are looking for, it is also a nifty place to find places that might satisfy your volunteering desires because it gives you hundreds of important organisations at your fingertips!

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