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Stoptober Comes To Wales

Postiwyd gan The Filter o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 23/09/2013 am 10:00
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Following a couple of successful years running in England, Stoptober is finally heading to Wales. The 28 day challenge aims to get people across the country to quit smoking for the whole of October, with online support via social media as well as a Stoptober pack available to help them along the way. Almost 75,000 people have signed up already this year. Will you or someone you know take up the challenge?

Smoking is currently the UK’s biggest killer: around half of all smokers die prematurely. It’s the only product available to buy legally that, if used as directed, will kill or cause serious harm. A 20-a-day smoker will save themselves around £200 and will add a week on to their life just by quitting for one month!

People who quit with support (such as Stoptober) are 5 times more likely never to smoke again, and the support is open to anyone — no matter your age. Fancy giving it a go? Head to the Stoptober website for more info on how to get yourself or someone you know involved. The Filter’s website has everything you need to know about smoking and tobacco and has some top tips on how to say no!  to those pesky cigarettes or how to stay stay a quitter.

We’re here to chat to too. Text, ring or instant message us, Monday to Friday 3pm - 8pm. (

“It’s like October but without the cigarettes!”



Stoptober Website

The Filter

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