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Starlight Express Review

Postiwyd gan thechaser o Conwy - Cyhoeddwyd ar 21/09/2012 am 13:58
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Sat in our chairs waiting for Starlight Express an Andrew Lloyd Webber production to begin I began to feel excited and anxious to see what would behold my eyes as I had never experienced a live show on roller-skates with a live orchestra.

As we began to wait the screen in front of us had a display of a train in LED lights which I was shocked to see as it gave me reason to think that this show would be train orientated.
The shows music is played by a live orchestra who were very good at timing when it came for them to sing. We were given out 3D glasses by the staff at the door and we were told to only put them on when instructed.

Being able to see a show in 3D glasses for the first time felt amazing as each time we were instructed to put the glasses on for the races I got excited and wondered how I would react to seeing something in 3D knowing that things would be jumping out of the screen and the sound would be electrified.
As well as the orchestra there were smoke rays at the end of a few songs that made its way into the audience and made them all scream as the song came to an end and shocked us all as we never expected them to blast up to the roof and almost give off fireworks which made us clap even more at the end of the songs that ended like that.

The show is based around a voice of control playing with its trains ordering them into a race that takes place as the diesel trains made their way onto the stage to introduce themselves including the winner from the last race. While singing ‘Rolling Stock’ Greaseball and his gang of diesel trains sing their praises showing off that no one is good enough to beat them and challenges anyone to race against him.
This is where we see a steam train come out called rusty enters the race to show each train what steam can do while singing ‘nobody can do it like a seam train’ Greaseball and his gang then gang up on him teasing him before leaving him to sing ‘call me rusty’.

The coaches don’t believe rusty will be fast enough or strong enough to be in the race for the coaches to then sing ‘A Lotta Locomotion’ the smoking car played by Ashley who has tried to kick the habit but cant the buffet car offers snacks hot, cheap and quick called buffy, the dining cart who will cook for you and provide an ear for your problems called Dinah finally there is Pearl the new girl, who has agreed to be rusty’s racing partner but soon after accepting she doubts his ability.

As the race is ready to start and the voice of control counts down from 10 we are then instructed to put our 3D glasses on ad enjoy the race. Each race lasted a few minutes before determining who would be in the final together the coaches then sang ‘Pumping Iron’ which was another tribute to Greaseball’s greatness.
Rusty then recruits the freight trains which have three boxcar Rockies, Flat top, Dustin and C.B they introduce themselves to the coaches by singing ‘Freight’.

All the national representatives took to their partners for the race but before the race can begin there is an announcement that there is a late entry as the Electric train makes its way on the race to get ready to start and who is also a bit of a show off like Greaseball. Before racing there was a performance AC/DC to say that he could run on either Alternating current or Direct current as well as saying he would also take on male or female partners.

Now all engines are ready for the race to start we then gather our 3D glasses again to watch the race. As pearl sings ‘he’ll whistle at me’ to see which engine would win her to heart to race with someone who wants her for more than just a race partner she then chooses Electra and leaves rusty without a partner.
Heat one we see Dinah and Greaseball cheating and as Dinah has second thoughts and let it known to Greaseball he then pushes her and leaves her there although being congratulated on winning the race leaving Dinah to sing ‘there is me’.

We then see poppa arrive onto the stage to sing ‘poppa’s blues’ when rusty then appears looking sad to poppa who then asks if hes ok? He then answers saying that pearl has left him to race with someone else and is reluctant to race at all without pearl behind him. Poppa then introduces rusty to some hope by introducing him to another carriage he can race with Belle the sleeping car.
With belle asleep in the coal bunker she wakes up and sings ‘belle the sleeping car’ namely the story of her life she then races with rusty after accepting his offer to race with him.

In heat two we are instructed to put our 3D glasses back on to enjoy the next race to see who else would qualify to be in the final. Rusty looses to Electra and Pearl. Disheartened rusty doesn’t then believe in the starlight express to prove his existence and to make it through to the third heat. However poppa then announces that he will be racing although there is just one problem in that all the places in the next heat was taken. This is where control takes over with an announcement the British train has been scrapped. Taking this a sign from the starlight express poppa takes his place and races with Dustin.

In heat three poppa’s just won with inches left. Then suddenly feels like he’s got nothing left in him to race again and begs rusty to take his place in the race.
At the end of part one me and fianc went for a drink as we watched the rest of the audience talk about how they were enjoying the show so far as they were quite loud and expressive in their opinions showing how much they were enjoying it. We also had a chance to look at the book of starlight express we purchased during the break so we could learn more about the choreography and singers themselves as well as the music behind the show and Andrew Lloyd Webber himself.

Getting back into our seats ready for the second act to begin where they opened with ‘the rap’ followed by uncoupled sung by Dinah about not forgiving Greaseball or take him back. Her fellow trains encourage her to cheer up and get her man back by singing ‘rolling stock reprise’ as the song finished she then gets an invite to be Electra’s race partner and accepts which makes Greaseball jealous. C.B then met with Electra and reveals his psychotic side with a song ‘C.B’ in which he admits his sabotaging and his involvement in causing the all the major train accidents in history.

The uphill final between Electra and Greaseball with rusty held back by C.B who causes him to miss a vital connection and the rest of the race. Rusty however never gets any time to feel sorry for him as the Rockies come up to him how things are no matter how talented if you aren’t lucky you’ll never win, ‘right place, right time’ the fact that both Rockies and both steam trains are both black so most defiantly about racism and that being a disadvantage to them.

Feeling sorry for himself and hitting rock bottom rusty then once more begs starlight express to help him and this time he answers with a song ‘starlight sequences’ and suddenly he has a lot of faith saying to himself that if he wins this race he will get pearl back.

In the downhill final we put our 3D glasses on for the final time as the final race is about to begin. Rusty takes the lead as well as saving pearl from Greaseball as he realises she is slowing him down on purpose to see that rusty wins the race.

For Electra to make a comeback onto the stage after his pride is ruined to sing ‘no comeback’ before disappearing never to be seen again.

For Greaseball and C.B came back on stage to announce and sing that they have ‘one rock n roll too many’ then poppa demands to know where pearl is as rusty has been looking for her since he won his race and was sure that rusty would be where pearl is. Pearl being alone to sing the Ballard of ‘only he’ where she realises that rusty was the one she was meant to be with thinking it could be too late to repair the damage and before she knew it rusty appeared in front of her and together they sing ‘only you’

Poppa then tells Greaseball that he can be converted into steam to be under his own control, after hearing that control then interrupts saying they should listen to him but they then tell him to shut it.

Before we knew it was coming to an end with a song called ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. A gospel inspiring number to sing praising the steam power skating around the stage ending with some amazing dancing and singing a mash up of the songs sung from the production before taking their bow to the audience as we all got up and clapped along to the mash up and clapping got louder as each performer came to take their bow with a massive grin on their faces knowing they have made the audience of the night enjoy their time out. They then turned to the screen behind the stage to thank the amazing live orchestra as they did brilliantly and deserved a massive round of applause for not only orchestra but for the cast themselves.

For this amazing production to be held in Venue Cymru where the staff are excellent and always served us with a smile and knew what they were doing as they directed us to our seats and handed out our 3D glasses as they worked as fast as they could to get everyone seated in time for the show to start.

It truly was an amazing night out and was unexpectedly good and would definately see it again and look forward to many other productions at venue cymru.

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