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SproutNews: January 2016 Bulletin

Postiwyd gan simdude101 (correspondent) o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 03/01/2016 am 16:44
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Welcome to SproutNews. My name is Simdude101, here are the headlines.

The City of Munich in Germany was on high-alert after a terror threat relating to main railway stations in the city was made known to the police.


Countries World over have celebrated the arrival of 2016, with fireworks displays and light shows. Moscow, London, Dubai and Auckland were just some of the cities to host massive fireworks displays, to herald in the New Year.


A 300m tall hotel in Downtown Dubai was engulfed in flames, just hours before Dubai's New Years fireworks display was due to begin. The Building, The Address Hotel was a key building in Downtown Dubai.


Virtual Reality is now being used to help people experience opportunities they otherwise wouldn't be able to, and help people overcome their phobias.


First, The City of Munich was placed on High Alert on New Years Eve, after some "concrete evidence" of an imminent terror attack was made known to the Police. The possible attack seems to have been aimed at the main Railway Station in Munich, Munchen-Hauptbahnhof and a another station in the west of the city, Munchen-Pasing. Police tweeted that the threat had been received, and warned people to stay away from busy crowds. Both Stations were closed on New Year's Eve, and train services had been stopped, although police lated tweeted that both stations re-opened the following day. The police are currently searching for the militants who had planned the attack, of which there were believed to be between 5 and 7. Bavaria's interior minister, Joachim Herrmann said he was "happy that nothing has so far happened and I hope it stays that way".

Other countries have also been threatened by terror plots, with Belgium detaining 3 people on Thursday due to a connection with a possible New Years Eve's terror plot, and two other suspects being arrested on Tuesday. These arrests led to Belgium's New Year celebrations being called off entirely. Paris called off its fireworks display, but the Arc de Triomphe was still lit up in celebration when Midnight arrived. Turkish police also carried out some terror arrests, after detaining two suspected ISIL members, over possible plans to attack two crowded locations during the celebrations in Ankara. During the Police raids, suicide vests and explosives were discovered.


As 2015 departed, and 2016 rolled in, countries worldwide celebrated the start of the New Year with all manner of celebrations. In London, the annual Mayor of London's fireworks display went ahead as planned, and attracted thousands of people. In Dubai, despite one of the biggest buildings in the Downtown area being engulfed in an inferno, a spectacular display went ahead, with a huge celebration in front of the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building. For the first time, Moscow's Red Square was closed off due to security concerns, but the fireworks went ahead anyhow, after being launched 5 minutes late, again due to security risks. In Auckland, the Sky Tower was lit up by a huge fireworks display, and it was the first celebration to welcome in the New Year. Police forces globally stepped up their coverage during the events, with London's Metropolitan Police Force introducing 3,000 extra officers for the New Year's fireworks.

The stepped up security didn't dampen spirits however, with most events going ahead as planned. Revellers celebrated the coming of a new year with house parties and events, and the general mood was that of celebration, not fear.

The Address hotel in Downtown Dubai has been engulfed by a fire, just hours before the Dubai New Year's celebrations were due to start. The building was one of the most important buildings in Downtown Dubai, and contained the Hotel and its facilities, as well as apartments. Police in Dubai are now investigating the fire, and are concentrating on a fireball that was seen just before the fire took hold. Videos popped up across the internet showing one side of the building covered in flames. Irish Singer, Anita Williams was inside the Hotel when the blaze began, and she told the BBC that people left in a "stampede". "We left everything. There was Debris falling down. It (The Fire) shot up through the entire hotel."

Scenes of devastation on the facade facing the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, showed most if not all of the lower floors of the building had been affected by the fire, and pictures revealed that smoke was continuing to pour out of the building. After battling the inferno for 20 hours, which started at around 21:30 local time (17:30 GMT), firefighters appeared to have the fire under control.

Whilst the city continues to be in disbelief of what has happened to this icon, the investigation continues into what could have caused such a devastating and destructive fire. One location has already been earmarked, the 20th floor of the building, where it is believed the fire may have started.

Virtual reality headsets are starting to be used to overcome people's phobias, such as getting into a lift for example, or flying in a plane. Simulations are created, and phobia sufferers put on VR headsets, to experience their phobia. The hope is that the sufferer will be able to experience their fear in a safe, secure environment, and they will start to see that what they are frightened of, isn't as bad as they might have imagined it. Whilst VR phobia exposure is not a brand new technique, it is still really in its infancy. It may be the way forward for dealing with peoples fears and phobias, but more work and research will be needed to solidify its place in the global phobia beating industry.


Those are the Headlines today, thanks for reading. To keep up to date with the news, be sure to come to theSprout, as news bulletins are published on a monthly basis (with the exception of a large event, when a special report will be produced)

All stories and quotes in this article have been sourced from the BBC News.

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