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Shua: Emergency Cat Rescue & Home

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Shua Cats Home in Sully is a home for unwanted cats and they help strays off the street and into the warmth of their lovely accommodation.

Shua operates a 24 hour helpline and they pay all the bills for the unwanted animals. Shua is funded by donations, loyal customers, their charity shop on Barry High Street and volunteers.

Approximately, it costs them £900 in food for the animals each month and it costs them around £1300 in vets bills.

For my birthday around three years ago I visited Shua to get a cat and I was amazed at how many they home there. There were loads! The woman there showed me a tiny little kitten who was found in a skip a couple of weeks before and it just made me aware of the danger that some cats are put in and how places like that can really make a difference.

After looking around the cages for the cat I wanted I finally chose my cat; she was black and white and I named her Jessie. She still lives with me today. Shua is a great place to pick up a perfectly well looked after cat instead of buying from the large profit making pet shops, as when you buy from them, you are actually giving to charity (they are a registered charity: No. 1101965).

Also, the cats they home are neutered, which means they cannot have babies and all their required injections are given to them. Check out the website for more information!

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