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I’ve decided to write a short story. Not just any old short story, but one with a novelty. That’s why I have decided to jam in as many rock band/song names as I can in this story, past or present. Have fun finding them all!

Note: Repetitions do not count.

(Scroll to the bottom for the answers.)


‘Seriously, Jack, that’s an all time low, even for you,’ says my brother over the phone. ‘I mean, getting a girlfriend on holiday? Yes, that’s really gonna work.’

Dan, my brother, is still in London with my dad. My mother, on the other hand took me on a trip to America for a couple of weeks as she’s doing a special course on American music history. Stacey, my new girlfriend, leans in to give me a kiss. How’s that for my chemical romance?

‘Dan, stop being so stupid. Anyway, I have to go now. Do you realise how much this talk costs?’

I hang up the phone and lean back against the car seat. My mum thought it would be nice if we all “bonded” by going bowling together: me, my mum, Stacey, and Stacey’s mom (she’s American, so she’s a mom). I look out of the window to see a gothic-style church. A groom is waiting all in black with black veil “brides” all around him. Obviously only one is the real bride, but it’s hard to tell.

As we get to the bowlerama, mum finally shuts up about 1985 (a great year, she says), which she’s been yapping on about the entire journey. We go into the bowlerama, which looks freakily clean and eco-friendly. There are posters up everywhere about their weekly “green day”. Even so, the place is pretty full, and I can even see guys on the end bowling for soup – what a prize!

Mum is useless as always and had to ask an assistant in what order we should type our names into the machine.
‘Any way you want it,’ he says in a cool, laid back voice, as if people are this dumb to him all the time. He looks like he has too much time on his hands. I look at his name tag and gasp. It says ‘Led Zeppelin’.

Stacey looks at the place. She adores the environment and she goes bowling regularly, I’ve learned. ‘It’s just like paradise,’ she says under her breath

I notice that the bowlerama is rock themed, and I see multiple signs with band names on them such as blink 182 and so forth. Stacey is still bewildered, as if she’s in her heaven.

We bowl for about half an hour or so, before we hear rumbles, and loud speakers blaring Twisted Sister. People sing along, while a voice, competing with the music, says: ‘an organised protest will begin against this country’s dangers to the planet. We’re not gonna take it!’

Stacey perks up, looking like a queen when she’s happy. ‘I’ve gotta go join them!’ she squeals.

‘It’s the heat of the moment, darling. You can’t go into a protest!’ Stacey’s mom explains.

Stacey marches outside, where the protest is happening and screams, ‘Don’t stop me now!’

A large crowd gathers outside the front door, and there’s so much commotion that when I look down, there’s only rolling stones. Not one is still. I can’t see Stacey for a moment, and then I spot her. She’s laughing. She holds up a sign saying, ‘Shut up and smile! The world will be better for it!’

There are a large number of people who are college age fighting as if they’re children. ‘High school never ends,’ she mutters.

I’ve never been so under pressure! There are screams all around me, ‘Don’t stop believing!’ ‘Hit me with your best shot!’ ‘I’m not okay, I promise!’

I run to the car with mum’s hand in mine, and hide in the car until finally Stacey’s mom drags Stacey to the car too. We immediately make a hasty exit. Yes, that protest was very “organised”. We’re all upset, of course, that the day had stopped so suddenly. I look back through the window. I see the groom kissing the woman who is the actual bride. At least someone’s happy and organised today.


There are a total of 12 band names in the story, and 15 song titles. Scroll down further for the answers.

All Time Low
My Chemical Romance
Black Veil Brides
Green Day
Bowling for Soup
Led Zeppelin
Blink 182
Twisted Sister
Rolling Stones

Stacey’s Mom
Any Way You Want It
Too Much Time on My Hands (I couldn’t match this one exactly to fit.)
Just Like Paradise
We’re Not Gonna Take It
Heat of the Moment
Don’t Stop Me Now
Shut Up and Smile
High School Never Ends
Under Pressure
Don’t Stop Believing
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

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