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Rock Of Ages: Film Vs Stage

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I saw Rock Of Ages the other day in the cinema. I really enjoyed it and it was probably one of the best films I’ve seen, but like I like to point out how the film fails to deliver like a book, I also like to point out how it can’t deliver like a stage production. I know there’s already a review on theSprout, but to compare the film with the stage production. I saw it before the film came out – I’m not saying this to sound hipster, but I did use the Rock Of Ages (musical) picture for my Rock Spot article.

The plot of the movie is explained in the other review on theSprout. The different plotline of the stage production is that rather than the mayor’s wife setting up a campaign against rock, the mayor is given an offer from a German man, Franz, who wants to build on the Sunset Strip, where a lot of rock bars/record shops are located. The mayor’s assistant, Regina, protests, but the greedy mayor takes the money and fires Regina. She then sets up a campaign for rock against Franz and his son, Hertz.

When the demolition is meant to start, The Bourbon is forced to shut down, but Regina chains herself to it. Hertz then, despite his “daddy’s boy” persona, rebels against his father as he wants to run a confectionary store back in Germany. He also declares his love for Regina, who, of course, loves him back. Franz gives up and leaves for Germany. The Bourbon Room remains safe. Also, in the musical Lonny is the funny and charming narrator. The main plotline remains the same, but the musical is from Lonny’s view, the movie more from Stacee’s, appears only once after he appears in the plot above.

That was the major difference and I definitely prefer that plot because it made way for alternative songs that weren’t in the film like Final Countdown, when demolition was going to begin and Hate Myself For Loving You/Heat Of The Moment because in the stage production, Drew and Sherrie were only romantic interests, and they weren’t dating, and Sherrie really did sleep with Stacee. When Stacee goes to the Gentleman’s Club, Sherrie performs the Hate Myself For Loving You part of the mash-up, and Stacee refused with Heat Of The Moment’. Also, Hit Me With Your Best Shot was performed when Hertz rebelled against his father (the song is amusing in a German accent), rather than for the Christian campaign against rock from the film.

The reason why I prefer the stage production is because Lonny is so much more in it, and it focuses less on Stacee Jaxx. Lonny is more of the rowdy boy you’d think him to be, and Stacee is a bad guy in the stage production, and he doesn’t “learn a lesson” like in the film. Also, Tom Cruise’s character seemed a bit crazy. The introduction is more inviting too, because Lonny shows you around with Just Like Paradise and we meet Sherrie in a separate song after (Sister Christian), where rather than growing up with a supportive grandmother like in the film, she leaves her parents who reject her because of her decision. The theatre is better for me, because I felt like I’m in the 80s, inside the story. In the theatre, they even put posters of what the Arsenal posters and other 80s references would look like.

In the end, also, because Lonny can step out of his character, he describes what happens later for the characters. The leads, Drew and Sherrie, instead of becoming rock stars, discover they weren’t looking for fame, but for love and travel to a small town to raise a family. Stacee is chased into Mexico by the police. Derek eventually dies (Derek says, “What!?”, then Lonny whispers to him, “you die”, then Derek shrugs his shoulders, then walks dramatically into a white light from the wings. He returns straight after for the finale (Don’t Stop Believing) wearing a gold costume with angel wings). Regina and Hertz attempt a long distance relationship as Hertz leaves for Germany.

In conclusion, I think the film should have more Lonny, less Stacee and the German characters were a tragic loss. I hope you take the time to see the stage version in London or when it tours. I saw the Broadway cast when I saw it in New York in October last year. Oh, and everyone in the stage production had much longer hair, which is a good thing. It was a great experience!

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Rhoddwyd sylw 47 mis yn ôl - 19th June 2012 - 17:09pm

my mum and her boyfriend said they much prefered the film as the songs were much better and more well known, i havent seen it but really want to x

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