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Review: The Sims 3

Postiwyd gan MarshMallo o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 22/03/2012 am 11:08
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As you may know, I proposed that Sprouters get together and create a movie using The Sims 3, showing our creativity. I’ve decided to write a review on this game to let you all know a bit more about the game, and why I think it would be a good idea for everyone to get involved. The most helpful sites to see whether you want to know about the game or want to look for some cheats are: The Sims Wiki and Carl’s Sims 3 Guide.

What Is The Sims 3?

The Sims 3 is a popular, and probably the best, life-simulation game. This means that you can create characters, build their homes, and live their lives. The Sims 3 is the third of The Sims series, after The Sims and The Sims 2. This game is more advanced than the others in terms of the graphics and the general things that it has to offer. One of these things is that you can experience the town you put your sims in (a sim, by the way, is the name of a ‘person’ in the game). The game is great, because you can control up to ten sims/animals (animals come with the Pets expansion pack), and you can literally take the whole town apart and build it up again. You can style houses, reposition community buildings and even design your own library and art gallery, along with a gym and more! It’s a very creative game and it tells a story too!

What Are Rabbit Holes?

One of the few negative points about the game is that you can’t see inside all buildings, but these are all work buildings. These are called rabbit holes. You send them in at the start of their shift, which usually lasts about 6 game hours (6 real minutes) unless you speed up game time, but of course you could play as another character during this time. More jobs, where you physically control everything that happens in the job are added with the Ambitions expansion pack.

What Are Expansion/Stuff Packs?

Stuff/Expansion packs literally expand the game and let you do more with it. Each game is released with approximately 80 day intervals, and The Sims 4 will probably be released approximately 80 days after the last expansion/stuff pack is released. Each stuff pack contains items to put in your buildings, furniture, mostly. These have different themes (Modern Living, Master Suite, etc.).

The expansion packs, on the other hand, have items, a town (usually) and more. The first one was called World Adventures, where your sim can go on holiday to one of three places, a French town, a Chinese town or an Egyptian town. You can explore the tombs, stay in hotels and more. In the second expansion pack, Ambitions, enables you to experience new jobs in a new town, like being a fireman, private detective, interior designer, stylist, tattoo artist and more. The third expansion pack, Late Night is set in a new town, Bridgeport, which is like New York/San Francisco. It lets you be a film actor/director and go to nightclubs and even be a vampire!

The fourth expansion pack does not give you a new town, but gives you the more actions for each generation, (pranking for teens, being a princess for children, mid-life crisis for adults etc.) and is called Generations. The fifth is called Pets, and lets you have a pet, like a cat, dog or horse, and gives you a new town with dog/cat/horse parks. The latest expansion came out on March 9th, 2012, in the UK, and is called Showtime and lets you live the rags to riches story and become a singer/DJ/acrobat. This expansion pack is stuff that should have been in Late Night, say many. It was promoted by Katy Perry.

Why Is It Good To Make A Movie With The Game And How Do You Do It?

The game has an in-game video camera that lets you capture video of your game, and so you can build your sets and buildings, create your characters, and then you can record them acting out the story you’ve written. This makes it easy to create an animated movie, because all videos are saved in the game launcher, and you can piece them together on the Sims website and go on to publish them on YouTube or theSprout. Read my full article for more and a video tutorial.

My Rating

I think it is very good if you are creative and like to create your own story path in the game, rather than following a set storyline. I give it a 10/10!

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Rhoddwyd sylw 50 mis yn ôl - 22nd March 2012 - 12:06pm

I love The Sims franchise, and The Sims 3 in particular. In fact, I pre-ordered the game well over a year in advance of the game's release because I'm sad like that. But I find that often, it can be a little depressing to watch your Sims write best-selling novels in a week or so or paint a masterpiece, while you're just sat there watching them do so.

As great as it is to have fun, I thoroughly encourage everyone to develop themselves as best they can. Play the Sims by all mens, but do something a little more productive every now and then. =)



Rhoddwyd sylw 50 mis yn ôl - 22nd March 2012 - 20:42pm

owwwww, i love the sims 3!
ive got almost all the expansion packs!!!

Jeff the Fridge

Jeff the Fridge

Rhoddwyd sylw 50 mis yn ôl - 24th March 2012 - 18:21pm

best thing about Sims 3...naked dancing girl pt.1. deffinetley not pt.2. can never be better than the original. (Note: this comment is a reference to the last SEG)

katniss everdeen

katniss everdeen

Rhoddwyd sylw 48 mis yn ôl - 16th May 2012 - 17:18pm

i got the sims 3 on the wii i think its good

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