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Review: The Last Hunter

Postiwyd gan thechaser o Conwy - Cyhoeddwyd ar 12/07/2012 am 15:28
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After watching the first ten minutes of the film I realised it was not my type of film, but I thought to myself I would give it a go as the commentary’s voice was inviting and made it clearer to understand what was happening.

Knowing the storyline from what is being said helped me a lot as the characters in it don’t speak. They are hunters that spent some time trying to hunt a bear that killed their clan making them worry that they won’t survive until the bear has been killed knowing their people won’t have to worry about anyone killing their clan. They are religious and pray for their souls even after killing the bear.

On return from killing the bear he finds his family have died which is upsetting to the hunter. It is a heavy film to understand and to get into, making it through the film realising his clan no longer exists. It goes through the history of the hunter’s brother when they were younger with different climate to the story. Back then there were many hunters with their father who was the chief and was unwell. It goes back and forth into the future where the boy is grown up after losing his family/clan possibly through hallucinations walking through all the snow crying.

The last hunter makes his way to find his birth place after being separated with other clans as they shared children as well as food so now he wants to go back after losing his daughter, wife and clan.

It’s a heart worming film from beginning to end. Finding love again as the last hunter takes a journey to find his brother only to find him dead, having just the three of them left in the clan and having another child to look after as a family of their own, ending in a perfect way of a heart-warming film still with the homo-sapiens is the last known human species still alive on their planet but for how long as there is only the four of them left.

This film is worth watching from beginning to end with your family and friends even if you don’t think it is for you as it tells a story of the last hunter looking for his clan and surviving with a family of his own.

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