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Review: Mosquitoland

Postiwyd gan simdude101 (correspondent) o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 15/11/2015 am 07:56
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Mosquitoland was a book that I picked up from a recent SEG meeting, as I was intrigued. I am glad that I decided to review it. Written by the fantastic author David Arnold, the book follows Mim, an American girl, on her journey to visit her sick mother. Mim has been dragged away from her beloved home in Ohio, to the wastelands of Mississippi by her father, who is seeing Kathy, Mim's new (and almost certainly) evil stepmother. When Mim, discovers that her real mother is ill, she embarks on a journey across America to find her, and see her. On her journey, she meets a number of characters that will define her as a person, and she will go through a number of situations she could have never expected. The book is very powerful and can be quite moving in places, as well as having a fantastic storyline. The plot in this book is fantastic and I really enjoyed reading this book. I would completely recommend this book to anyone who wants a fantastic story that will keep them captivated for many hours.

If I could point out any negatives, it would that this book employs a number of expletives throughout, but this does not downgrade my rating of this book, as they are only used where they will add effect to the story line and the atmosphere and feel of that particular scene.

So go on! Buy this book as gift or for yourself. Christmas is nearly upon us (Forgive me if you still feel it?s too early, it?s not) and I would highly recommend this book. Thanks to TheSprout for letting me review this book.

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