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Review: Diversity

Postiwyd gan welshboy199 o Rhondda Cynon Taf - Cyhoeddwyd ar 02/04/2012 am 16:19
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Yn Gymraeg

On Saturday we got to see the amazing Diversity live in Cardiff.

The group, best known for beating Susan Boyle in the final of the third series of Britain's Got Talent, are a London-based dance troupe also recognised as positive role models for young people.

They have also danced for Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street and at the launch of the Disney XD channel.

The show started at 7pm and I was really excited because I love Diversity and I think they are great dancers. Judging by the deafening cheering all around us as they exploded onto the stage, we weren't alone in thinking so.

As good as they were on BGT, seeing the dancers live was way better than on TV, because you experience the whole thing for real. Ashley, the lead dancer, was pulling off some crazy moves like flipping on ropes and doing other awesome stunts.

They devised games where they had to dance in order to get out, and there were also female guest dancers who I don't know the names of but were really talented. The whole night was amazing and the crowd in the packed Motorpoint Arena Cardiff loved every minute of the show.

I really loved the show and I would love to see Diversity again because they really entertained me. You can also check them out on DVD in the movie StreetDance 3D along with other dancing talent show successes Flawless and George Sampson.
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Rhoddwyd sylw 50 mis yn ôl - 2nd April 2012 - 18:05pm

Love the article! Glad you enjoyed. xxx



Rhoddwyd sylw 50 mis yn ôl - 3rd April 2012 - 16:13pm

thanks you Ihavethecyrusvirusx your too kind :D xx


Rhoddwyd sylw 39 mis yn ôl - 1st March 2013 - 09:33am

Woah, sounds amazing! x

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