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Review: Burger King - St John Street, Cardiff

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 24/03/2015 am 16:09
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  • Burger King

Burger King, St John Street, Cardiff is located just off a turning by Cardiff Castle and is situated on three floors. On Wednesday 18th March, I stopped off for lunch there as I was rehearsing for a performance at St David's Hall, and I also stopped off with a friend for lunch on Saturday 21st March.

First of all, I would like to say how miserable the staff are in this restaurant and how it seems like they all hate their jobs. None of them were friendly at all and they all had frowns on their faces.

Once I had ordered my expensive meal (more expensive than McDonald's) it took absolutely ages for them to make my burger and gather my fries and drink. The worst thing is that there was no one else in front of me or behind me, but I could see that the staff were extremely lazy and were making my burger very slowly and reluctantly.

"Probably creating cross-contamination"

Now, this brings me on to the hygiene, which is absolutely disgraceful. I could see the man making my burger behind the counter and he was actually touching the food with his sweaty hands, which also probably had particles of other food that he had chucked together - probably creating cross-contamination. This can be very dangerous and can actually cause food poisoning.

Once my burger was finally delivered to my tray, my chips were delivered by the restaurant manager, Barry Finch. The way in which he carried my chips over to the tray was absolutely disgustingly appalling. He grabbed the chips by the top of the bag (which means his skin came into contact with my food) and just dumped them on my tray; 25% of those chips ended up scattered across the tray!

Now, this brings me onto the cleanliness of the restaurant. When I walked over to a table, it was very dirty and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in ages. There were small bits of food displayed across the table. I could see that there was only one janitor covering that one floor of the whole three large floors!

The quality of the food is really bad. The bread they used on my burger was the wrong kind and it was all really sloppy inside my burger, like it had just been thrown together quickly.

"Making the burgers with their bare hands"

On the second visit, the experience was pretty much the same; the staff were all really grumpy and lazy and actually, as it was a Saturday, there were more staff working. I could see lots of them making the burgers with their bare hands, and the chips were dumped onto my tray in pretty much the same way.

By this time, I was pretty annoyed at this service I was receiving and the service I had received previously, so once the cashier had delivered all my food to the tray, I asked for the receipt so that I would have evidence if I decided to make a complaint to Burger King (they normally give the receipt anyway on the tray but I wasn't able to see the receipt anywhere). When I asked for the receipt, the cashier reluctantly opened his hand to reveal that he had actually crumpled it up and was going to chuck it away. I don't know whether this was the fact that I am young (13 years old) and he might have thought that I didn't want the receipt, but he certainly didn't want me to have it.

"Tasteless... extremely burnt"

The worst thing about this visit was that the food tasted absolutely vile. The chips were very bland and tasteless but the burger was the worst. It tasted like it had been sitting on the side for absolutely ages and the actual meat was very bad quality. It was extremely burnt and was very chewy and gristly. I did not enjoy this meal at all and the worst thing is that it was actually my first trip into town with my friend AJ, who was also not impressed with the restaurant.

I would strongly recommend not going to this restaurant as it is just completely vile and the food there is completely awful. You would just be wasting your money, if you go there!


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9 CommentsPostiwch sylw


Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2015 - 09:26am

i looooooveeeeee but king


Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2015 - 09:33am

i like butt king aswell


Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2015 - 09:34am

butt kiing taste like plastic but burger king is so tasty



Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 5th May 2015 - 09:46am

To be honest this article is quite desperate! You are just assuming that this goes on. You may have seen it once but it doesnt mean that it goes on all the time.



Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 5th May 2015 - 16:57pm

Ooool2iver, first of all, you shouldn't be going on other websites in I.T class as you are not allowed! lol :):):) Secondly, this article is not desperate, it is my opinion of the experience I had in that appalling and disgusting restaurant. As you can see, I have taken my time on this review; it took me about 1 hour and a half to complete. (That is not desperate as I have plenty other articles to my name) And just to let you know; If my comment was reported by you for abuse on your smoking article when I was just stating the true fact, then I think it would be necessary to remove your comment off here as I find this comment embarrassing and reputation destructive, as well as 'abuse' and also I do not think that your comment is true, it is just a way of getting back at me, even though I was just telling you that most people had already heard about that topic you wrote about. Please explain to me in detail, how that comment I made was 'abuse' because in my opinion, 'abuse' is when someone is intending to be nasty and mean to someone and 'abusing' the website by swearing or using bad language that is not nice to say is also what I think 'abuse' is.

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 6th May 2015 - 09:21am

Right gents, can we please draw a line in the sand with this back and forth on each other's articles? TheSprout is place for people to express their opinions yet we also try and foster a positive attitude and vibe, so if we can have some kind of virtual handshake to diffuse this situation that would be lovely.

simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Rhoddwyd sylw 5 mis yn ôl - 14th December 2015 - 17:10pm

Hang on. Burger King is a fast-food restaurant. They key word in that phrase is 'fast'. Of course you're burger was hurriedly put together, otherwise it wouldn't be fast would it? Sure, perhaps, it might've taken long-time for them to make a burger, but if you went to sit down at a restaurant, you'd be waiting even longer. People don't really go to these places to have a lovely, cosy, Michelin Star meal do they? They go there to have some FAST food. I'm pretty confident big chains and franchises such as Burger King have to conform to Hygiene Standards, and I'm sure their food hygiene ratings were no less than 5. The Table was probably dirty because someone had just left, and the Janitor hadn't managed to come round yet. I've had to wait 10 minutes for a Janitor to clean up the previous persons mess in Costa, but I still go there and enjoy it. Whilst the food may not be great, admittedly, I think if you want to have a fantastic meal with happy, smiling staff, then go to a sit-down restaurant. If you want something quick and on the go, then go to Burger King or someplace like that.

On a final note, of course the staff weren't smiling. They work in Burger King, surrounded by angry, impatient customers and greasy food. Would you be smiling if you worked there?

Tom (Sub-Editor)

Tom (Sub-Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 5 mis yn ôl - 15th December 2015 - 14:31pm

Hi guys, as Sam Sprout said before, can we please draw a line under this? We're all for the exchange of ideas, info and opinions on theSprout, but the tone is getting a bit sour here.

simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Rhoddwyd sylw 5 mis yn ôl - 15th December 2015 - 16:56pm

Sorry, I lost my head there. I don't know what got into me.

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