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Review: A Small Spit Of Land

Postiwyd gan MarshMallo o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 02/05/2013 am 10:29
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  • A Small Spit Of Land

A Small Spit Of Land
East Moors, Splott
Saturday 27th April 2013

I went to see A Small Spit Of Land on Saturday the 27th of April at East Moors, Splott. In the theatre, there were pews around three sides of the main, lowered stage, and there was a raised stage on the fourth side. The string orchestra were on the stage, and on in the centre of the room there were a couple of sets. The Adamsdown Community Choir performed some songs before the production before joining in the main event.

The piece was written, performed and mainly about Anthony Reynolds. The concept was, “What would I think of my life if I had died today?” This concept was there to showcase Anthony’s music more than anything, but it seemed to flow pretty well.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the piece. It might have been because it’s not aimed at a young audience or it might be my particular taste in music, but it did seem to drag on despite its length of about an hour. Despite this, the singing by Anthony and the choir were excellent, as were the orchestra.

It was a small room, but it certainly wasn’t empty, and I think the dimmed atmosphere added to the performance. There were red and blue fluorescent lights on stage, which had a nice effect.

It was a brilliant performance and the people behind it were very talented, but I didn’t enjoy it myself. That’s not to say that others wouldn’t enjoy it. If you’re a fan of Anthony’s music, there are plenty of reasons why you should go, but there’s no point if you aren’t. It was more of a concert than anything, despite the programme calling it a musical, so you should see beforehand whether you enjoy the music or not if you ever get a chance to see it.

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