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Restaurant Review: Chilli Basil - City Road, Cardiff

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 09/07/2015 am 17:31
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Chilli Basil is a Thai food restaurant located on City Road, Cardiff.

I stopped there recently to get a takeaway and it was absolutely amazing!

Firstly, the prices were very competitive and the dish I had was of extremely high quality. I chose the Thai Noodles with Chicken (you can choose prawns instead if you want to) and it was amazing! Just amazing! For £5.99 I had a dish that would have been worth much more in a posh restaurant.

As I was having a takeaway, I didn't get to see the inside much but it looked very clean and very well presented. The menu was full of mouth-watering food, all from Thailand.

A lot of people usually just get a Chinese or an Indian and people don't get to taste the amazing food that Thailand has to offer. I would strongly recommend going to this restaurant because it is absolutely worth it! There is something on the menu for everyone there! Check out the picture of my meal!

Rating: *****

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