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Poem: Johnathan

Postiwyd gan gesture o Rhondda Cynon Taf - Cyhoeddwyd ar 24/04/2010 am 14:29
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“I’ll get you your money” I pleaded and cried
But there’s nothing I can do, I know I’ve tried
I guess this lie will spur me to think of an idea
Think, I said, think but my mind was engulfed with nothing but fear

He gave me six hours to get all that I owed
Or I’ll “get “whacked” he said in his mafia code
I remember he gave me a menacing look
And that laugh as my every bone shook

My wife has even left me, took everything I own
What a way to repay me all the love I’ve shown
She’s with another man too, a banker I think she said
And then the thought hit me, they cant hurt you when you’re dead

No one wants me around anyway, they’ve said it enough
And my life is nothing, I hate it, I’ve had enough
It will anger the people that want me dead
But where to do it? My house is gone, can’t do it in the shed

I look around, a place that means a lot to me
I go to my old school, look for the tallest tree
Overlooking a place that I loved too play
And it will be an audience to my woeful last day

A little bit of childhood comes back, brings a tear to my eye
Face it man,you've failed so get it over with and die
The rope wraps around the tree's branch and my neck as well
But there's another way, I thought, and didn't jump

But I fell.

Image Credit: 'Washingtheevidence' by Billy A

Sub-editor's note: Many people think about suicide at difficult times of their life.  If you should ever feel as if life is too much to bear, please take just a few moments to read the advice written in our information section.  Expressing yourself creatively can help with feelings of depression, but the most important thing to remember is that you're never alone in feeling this way, no matter how much it may feel like it.  Get in touch.

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Dan (Sub-Editor)

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 73 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2010 - 16:52pm

Agreed. The last line totally makes this poem.



Rhoddwyd sylw 73 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2010 - 20:44pm

I love it!

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