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Phones In School

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 22/06/2015 am 09:55
17 sylwadau » - Tagiwyd fel Addysg, Pobl, Technoleg

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In my school, phones are officially banned but everyone knows that people keep them in their bags because why wouldn't they?

If they needed to call their parents due to an emergency if they were walking home or something like that then there is a perfect reason to be allowed phones in school. 

The policy in my school is that if you are found to be using a phone or if it goes off in class, then it gets confiscated for a week. This is outrageous.

Not that it has happened to me or anything, but I have seen it happen to my peers. It is very unfair. I don't care if the teachers are adults, they carry phones with them and sometimes they even have the cheek to bring them out in class; but that is only the bad teachers.

Same principle with chewing gum; the teachers give you an after-school detention if you are found to be chewing... but then I see them chewing themselves. This is a severe case of being hypocritical and it really needs to stop.

Phones should be allowed in the school because first of all, most parents want to know that their child is safe if they walk or catch a bus home and second of all, I would class it as stealing if someone took my phone off me. Now I say this, because I think that if someone takes something of yours, and you ask politely for it back, and they say no, then that is stealing.

In my opinion, the school is lucky to not have been sued or charged with theft of valuable items! Overall, I think that phones should be allowed in school, full stop. 

Comment below with your opinion and experiences!

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17 CommentsPostiwch sylw

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 10:35am

From our Facebook Page:

"The school is bang on. You don´t need them in school, if there´s an emergency, the school can ring the parents themselves. Good on them on the chewing gum as well, why does the tax payer want to pay thousands to have that stuff removed from the premises. If you don´t want them taken off you, don´t bring them."



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 11:24am

totally agree with Sam on this one sean

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 11:27am

^^^ That's not me, it's someone who commented on our Facebook post on the article and I thought I'd post it here. ^^^



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 13:01pm

Kit-kit - How can you say that m8, you take one to school and it was you who was agreeing with me in school. What are all these change of hearts about; they all seem to be on the Sprout so you can make a comment out of them.



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 14:48pm

The school creates the rules. You should be able to present your opinions in constructive manners and have them listened to, even if the school decides not to change the rules as a result. If you don't like it, change schools.

What do children need with mobile phones in school anyway? Having one around in case of emergency, I understand, but it should be on silent, and should only come out at lunchtime or after-school.

Your supposition that the school is stealing is, frankly, ludicrous. If you break the rules that have been firmly established, then you face the consequences which have also been firmly established.

Quit complaining and focus on your books instead of your Facebook.



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 15:07pm

For the chewing gum if it was allowed people wouldn't have to stick them under the table because it would be allowed


Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 15:20pm

Personally, I think mobile phone may be used but only certain times such as lunch or break time. By allowing phone use in certain times, as long as you set up a policy that they are allowed, they should sign a contract that they will not use there mobile phones in class as if instructed by the teacher. k bye


Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 15:46pm

In our school they are banned, however a lot of the teachers (under the radar) allow us to use them in beneficial situations. :)



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 15:47pm

SamuelPatterson - I do focus on my books thanks and I have done really well on my end of year tests so for a start that is a ludicrous supposition. I complain through this article on behalf of most pupils at my school as phones should be allowed in school. When I asked for opinions I did not mean personal attacks. As alistair2299 has written, that is what I am trying to state in this article. You obviously didn't have proper phones when you were in school so I am afraid to tell you that the circumstances have changed and pupils in most schools (who ban phones) around the country want the rules changed. These times are different; what if someone was walking home and was being followed by a sex offender? Would they walk back to the school, retracing the steps they made and risk walking back into the stalker or would they call the police with their MOBILE PHONE that they were allowed to have. I would really appreciate it if you could state to me how a young girl could deal with that situation if they were abiding by the school rules and did not have a phone on them. Also, in the situation I am asking you to tell me how it could be dealt with, the girl is in the countryside with very few people round to hear her scream or very few houses to go to and knock on the door. Because that is basically the position of my school...........


Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 16:19pm

The comment to kitkat sounds a bit like a personal attack to me Sean. Just saying



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 17:29pm

AEP99 - I know Kit-Kat, he is one of my friends in school, so first of all I can comment back to him, and second of all, he comments on all of my articles and he always disagrees with everything I write about. He takes a phone to school, wouldn't you say that is a bit hypocritical? I am not attacking him, I was just asking him why he keeps on doing this because I have seen him use his phone in school......................what is the world coming to? Your comment is like saying my comment to Kit-Kat was racist, that's how unnecessary it was.


Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 23rd June 2015 - 10:16am

sean123 - I see no problem with phones being allowed in school as long as they are used during break times. If someone is spotted using them in class, then the school is right to confiscate them. If the phone goes off in class, then it's the owner's fault; it's quite easy to switch them off during lesson times, or even put them on silent. Pupils are there to learn and in order to do that, they need to have full concentration on what is being taught.

As a previous comment said, the school is well prepared to contact a family member or friend in an emergency, so there is absolutely no reason for any pupil to be using them. Granted, this is coming from somebody who left school in 1996 when mobile phones were both scarce and massive, but if I managed to get through my entire education without one, why do pupils today think they need one?



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 23rd June 2015 - 11:24am

well i agree with the peep on face book and i turn my phone off and use in case of emurgecy but i don't @ break or class and we can have a opinion and i have never used my phone in school! + i dont comment on all your articles eg your CPR article! lol



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 23rd June 2015 - 15:48pm

kit-kat - Yes, you do have an opinion like any other person, however, it is quite annoying when you tell me something in school, and then you change your mind so you can make a comment out of it for theSprout. You didn't comment on my CPR article because there was nothing to disagree about, it was an information piece of writing, not a discussion asking for people's opinions! DUH! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 23rd June 2015 - 16:06pm

I can see the point you are coming from Sean, however, if the school have set guidelines, then abiding by them in the case of phones is not stealing. Taking them for the week is a bit OTT, for obvious reasons. Many teachers in my school allow us to use our Mobiles in educational circumstances, for example, in welsh today our supply let us because the dictionary cabinet was locked and they didn't have a key. I don't think that a blanket ban is necessary, as students might need them on the way to and from school.


Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 26th June 2015 - 09:46am

I think phones should be allowed in school so the child can contact there parents if they need to about anything there not comfortable about talking to a teacher about.


Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 26th June 2015 - 09:46am

i think people should be allowed phones because it can reasure people that they can get hold of anyone at anypoint instead of asking the school or ring someone yourself if there is anything you wouldnt want the teachers to say and you feel more confortable saying yourself

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