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Petronio Review

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WORDS: Danny Champken (Youth Editorial Group)

Stephen Petronio Company :: Wales Millennium Centre :: Fri 17 Oct 2008

The build-up to the Stephen Petronio Company’s appearance in Cardiff was undoubtedly one of anticipation and celebration, what with the promise of outstanding originality, and collaborations with none other than the ‘voice of a fallen angel’, Rufus Wainwright. I was dubious that the show could possibly live up to the hype that surrounded it, and therefore approached it with unsure expectations.

The triple-bill dance performance by the New York-based dance company at the WMC was, however, diverse, cutting-edge and nothing short of breathtaking. Each performance brought with it new examples of choreographer Petronio’s magical imagination and fiery determination to stand out. Oozing with statement-making fashion and music, the carefully chosen collaborations Petronio has forged excellently complimented the spontaneous yet streamlined style of the performances.

The traits of Petronio’s work were clear to see throughout each dance segment: Bud Suite (2006), Bloom (2006) and Lareigne (1995). Undoubtedly the most awe-inspiring segment of the show was Bloom, a clip of which is available here. Even this snippet provides an insight into Petronio’s appreciation for elegance and power, one of many contradictions that were prevalent throughout. The playful approach to gender roles exemplified this mass of contradictions in a way that could not fail to be impressive.

Overall, this was an outstanding, touching and entirely arousing experience (not least because of the scant nature of the edgy fashion on display). Even for the likes of me, who is certainly not accustomed to the world and art of dancing, the Stephen Petronio experience was utterly awesome.

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