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Opportunities: From May’s Youth-Led Sprout Editorial Group Meeting

Postiwyd gan Tom (Sub-Editor) o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 09/06/2014 am 11:51
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On the last Thursday of each month, we from Sprout Towers HQ meet with our volunteering hitsquad, also known as our youth-led Sprout Editorial Group (SEG), to discuss all things Sprout.

The meetings are open to anyone and are very informal chats, fuelled by biscuits and citrus fruits (normally clementines). We talk about how to improve theSprout as a platform and service for the young people of Cardiff, what content we/you should be covering, and what direction we should be heading. It is the place to pick up free CDs, books and show tickets of all kinds for review!

Below is a summary of the opportunities available to you that resulted from May’s SEG meeting. You may spot the idea that you suggested. The full Minutes (a record of everything covered in a “meeting”) can be found here. If you would like review opportunities and your say on theSprout in the future, you can join our FB group for free, where we’re always posting useful stuff. If you want a bigger role, do come to our next SEG meeting – that’s right, on the last Thursday of the month. We’d love to see you there!

**Get excited and submitting your best work ahead of theSprout Awards 2014, which will be held in September in the new somewhereto! That is all.

**Lots of you have called for its return in previous meetings, so The Wall will be back soon for all things “that don’t fit anywhere else” on theSprout. It was used gloriously before; please re-ignite the fire in take #2.

**Lots of you use our magazine-y bit of theSprout without knowing how important our Info pages are. They are Wales’ comprehensive, accessible and authoritative info directory pages for Young People. They’re huge, and we’re revamping them, one section at a time, Money first. Let us know below which sub-topics or FAQsyou think should be covered; just a single word will do! #foryoungpeoplebyyoungpeople. Please comment below. 

**We’re looking for volunteers to write and/or edit/produce an edition of our twice-monthly Digest magazine (example here), which is published online and goes out to 5000 followers and influential organisations directly via email! Current slots:

·         Mid-June – Tom W

·         End of June –

·         Mid-July –

·         End of July – Sinead

·         Mid-August –

·         End of August - Tommy B

·         Mid-September –

·         End of September -

*Following recent elections, etc, we have a new poll on politics. Do it! We’ll soon have a discussion article associated with it that is deliberately open for commenting - please comment!

*To complement our poll, we’re especially *calling for* articles this month on the theme of politics, youth engagement, race, etc. Let your friends know that they can have their say in our fully-interactive online youth magazine.

**You told us resoundingly that “yes we should” review and improve the Gallery. It’s popular but poor at the mo. We’re starting by asking all our reviewers, reporters, etc, to take a photo (or selfie!) on their camera(phone) of all events that they go to for theSprout and we’ll upload them to Gallery!

*We’re also looking for more video articles (example here) – which seem to be the way forward online - where there’s a tiny text intro and then the video takes centre stage and tells all. Could start your submissions with ‘VIDEO: XYZ’. Or not.

**simdude101 (correspondent) became our first Sprout Correspondent last month and the idea has been popular with several of you. Sinead made a good point: what is the difference between a Correspondent and a normal… Sprouter? The answer: we’d hope for more articles and specialist understanding from our reporters, under the titles News, Sport, Science, Culture, Environment, etc, in exchange for giving them a bigger title for their CV, a more authoritative say on certain issues and perhaps even first dibs on the odd related event, story or other opportunity. Think of it like that Student Newspaper you always wanted to work for! 


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