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NSPCC: Flaw In The Law

Postiwyd gan Charlotte_NSPCC o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 20/11/2014 am 15:42
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

The NSPCC launched its Flaw in the Law campaign on Friday 24th October 2014, proposing the creation of a stand-alone offence of an adult knowingly sending a sexual communication to a child.

Online abuse of children and young people has emerged as one of the key child protection challenges facing our society today.

We know that many children and young people are engaging in risky online behaviour, including being in contact with people via social networks who are not directly known to them, sharing personal information that makes them vulnerable to abuse and sharing indecent pictures and videos of themselves with peers and strangers. Young people tell us they are experiencing all sorts of new forms of abuse on a scale never before seen, and many parents tell us that keeping their child safe online is their main concern for the welfare of their child.

In early 2015, we will be launching a significant campaign aimed at parents, focusing on providing knowledge to help better protect their children online, giving them information about social networking sites and privacy settings and also giving them the tools to speak to pre-teens in an age-appropriate way about how they can stay safe online.

We know from ChildLine that many children are being groomed online, but, increasingly, the intention is not for the abuser to meet the child, but for them to get the child to exchange explicit messages. When this is the case, we are concerned that the law as it stands does not provide adequate protection. NSPCC is, therefore, calling for a new offence to make it illegal for an adult to knowingly exchange sexual communications with a child, in order to make sure the law is able to keep up with technology.

How you can help?

Sign Up: We have launched an e-petition - we need as many supporters as possible to sign up to and to distribute the petition

Social Media: Tweet your support "I support @nspcc Flaw in the Law campaign #flawedlaw"? or Like and Share our Facebook posts at

Useful Links:

  • THINKUKNOW - A brilliant website full of information and videos about Sexual Exploitation

  • What Is Sexting? - Great advice and guidance

  • CEOP Safety Centre - How to report a concern and find support

  • GetSafeOnline - Learn how to protect your computer and yourself online

  • MEIC - Call, text or IM for free, 24/7, in confidence with your questions or concerns

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