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My Experience Of Appalling Attitudes From Teachers

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 08/06/2015 am 11:24
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  • Bad Teacher

Education is something we have to go through as children in order to prepare us for the journey ahead and the people who deliver this to us is the teachers!

Now, you may be wondering to yourselves, why is he writing this article? Well, I thought I should write this to give my opinions on some aspects of being taught by teachers.

They all have very different personalities obviously, but some can be extremely rude or arrogant. It just so happens that in my school, most of the science department are like this but there are certain teachers who really just get on a lot of people's nerves.

I never get into trouble at school (touch wood!) and never have much really, so I am not writing this article because I am angry at a punishment I have received, but it's just that I have thought a lot of times in school, 'These people are paid quite well, and they can't even be nice?'

The Surly Science Teacher

Take for example, a teacher in my science department (he's not the head of the department) not naming names, was very rude to me one day. I was trying to get down the corridor to the canteen, so I could get food and I was going quite quickly. A few stupid idiots in my class were trying to block me in the corridor and they were making fun of me. This is otherwise known as bullying. Then, this teacher in question, walks up behind, and shouts at me for trying to run around the bullies because I was in a rush. When I tried to explain the situation to him (I actually stopped to try to talk to him and wasted my precious time) he just replied that he didn't care, not even making eye contact with me.

I thought this was extremely rude and I found it actually quite upsetting because never in my life have I been treated like that by a grown adult. This man in question is someone who drives a Mercedes SLK to school with a privatised registration plate, being paid a good wage and he can't even be nice while he is working? This isn't exactly right is it? I am not known for being naughty at all, so this teacher didn't even know me, and he still had the cheek to be rude to me.

Corridor Kerfuffle

It just so happens that I have had another encounter with another member of the science department and it all seems to be the men for some reason. One day, I WALKED UP THE STAIRS to the first floor with a couple of friends to go to a room where I am allowed to hang out and this man (I can't even call him by his name because he doesn't deserve it) told us to "Get out" and that we were not allowed to be there. I mean this is just appalling that we can't even walk through an upstairs corridor!

He doesn't own the corridor does he?

There are signs on the door at the end saying that you can't sit in the corridors at break times and lunchtimes, which I can totally respect, but what I do not like is the manner in which this guy spoke to me and the injustice which is shown in this situation. I mean, if you are going to tell someone to get out of the corridor because they are not allowed in there then at least put signs up to let people know that they are not allowed in there. It's quite disgraceful actually. We went back down the stairs in the end and when he was gone, we tried again because we did not want to go the long way round.

We got to the end of the corridor, near to where we wanted to go, and then the teacher came round the corner of the other corridor and said that if we did it again we would get after school detentions. Now, I tell you this, if he gave me a detention for walking down a corridor, first of all, the reason on the detention slip would be bulls*** but second of all, I would never let someone waste an hour of my life when I wasn't doing anything wrong at all. Not at all.

In fact, if I did receive a detention for something I felt was an injustice, I would rip it up and hand it back to the teacher, telling them that my parents would ring in later to tell them that I would not be going to the detention. I'm sure any parent would do that anyway. In fact, if the teacher refused to give in, I would probably take it to the European Court for Human Rights (not joking).

The Weirdo RE Teacher

I have nothing against the English department but don't get me started on the RE one. In my class, we were unlucky enough to be put with the awful smelly pervert teacher, who was previously suspended for six months for having porn on his school computer file. To put things simply, he can't teach at all. He just tells us to copy stuff off the board while he just sits in his huge black comfy leather chair playing on his iPad while we don't learn anything.

We all think it's a bit of a mystery that he was off the whole week when we had an inspection from Estyn. He claimed that he was having an operation and every now and again he tries to keep that lame lie up by putting a sling on from time-to-time. He is just simply weird. He makes up songs and rhymes for detentions and he calls them 'Cures'. He is just awful and I don't like to say this but I think he should be fired. I really do.

The Sarcastic Music Teacher

The only other two departments who I don't particularly like are the music and the IT department. The rest are fine. In the music department there are only two teachers and I must say, the male one is lovely but the woman one does spark a few problems for some people. The thing is that she picks her favourites and keeps them. She is extremely sarcastic and sometimes very annoying, which after asking a lot of people, I can say that she isn't liked much by the people who are not so keen on music. I am quite good at music; I am grade 5 at piano and took the cello up to grade 3 but she sometimes can be a bit sarcy and ignorant to pupils.

The Horrid IT Teacher

In the I.T department there is only two teachers as well, one man and one woman. I have the woman for my I.T lessons and I must say, she is no bother at all, she is quite nice but the man is horrid. My twin sister has him this year for IT and I had him last year for a different subject, which he was trained to teach and he was awful. He has been quite offensive to people in my sister's class as well. He told my sister that he hoped that she was good at other subjects, indicating that she was rubbish at his subject to put it simply. Do you think this is right for a teacher to say this to a child? This is putting them off the subject and could be crushing their dreams if they liked the subject (my sister doesn't). He loves to hand out punishments just like the weirdo RE teacher I talked about earlier and I am absolutely certain that he finds it fun.

Anyway, these are my stories; if you have some it would be great if you could post them in the comments below! Thanks!

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7 CommentsPostiwch sylw


Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 8th June 2015 - 22:22pm

gg, our teachers had a mental breakdown and vanished



Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 9th June 2015 - 13:08pm

i feel this is a egsaduration and teachers have the right to be how they like in school no matter how great the pay teachers are entitled to have what car they want and they are entitled to a private plate if they want. Teachers have the right to tell you off if they know you or hot or if you are naughty or not.



Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 9th June 2015 - 15:47pm

Kit-kit (aka Sam), how can you comment like that when I actually told you over the phone that I was writing this and you thought it was a very good idea. Of course they can have what they want but I am trying to make the point that the teacher in question with the Mercedes SLK and the private reg has basically what he wants and he is paid well but he is being rude and ignorant on the job. I am sure you would love it if a teacher was very offensive to you when you didn't deserve to be shouted at wouldn't you? I am sure you would Sam! I think you have really mis-read this article very much because you don't get the point I am making. I understand that you have written your comment in the lunch hour you have in school but I would appreciate it if you could properly read my articles before you make a comment. The comment you have made is punctuated incorrectly and some words are spelt incorrectly. I don't know why you think that teachers can tell you off if you haven't been naughty..........what the hell is that all about??? NO THEY CAN'T!


Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 9th June 2015 - 16:43pm

Sean123 you asked for opinions and kit-kat gave his. This is a free country so people should be allowed to say what they want to say! Also, maybe you misinterpreted why you were being told off, there is probably a good reason for it-maybe the teacher didn't know the whole of what happened and judged it based on what they saw. Finally, I don't like teachers in my school and I talk to my friends about them and this may seem rude but I mean it in the nicest way, trust me, writing a huge rant about the "Weirdo RE Teacher" and other teachers online is not the best way to let your hatred of them out. Talk to your friends and parents about it, let it all out to them. They will know the teachers and so will be able to have an opinion on them.
Well done on your poems. They are really good



Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 9th June 2015 - 18:17pm

AEP99 - I didn't ask for opinions, I asked for other people's stories. I have talked to my friends loads about teachers and I have found out that I am not the only one who dislikes the ones I have talked about in this article. I don't hate the teachers, as I never get properly told off, but I wrote this article because I was trying to say how much some teachers have apalling attitudes. My parents already know about the R.E teacher and I know that most parents know about him because they all think that he was weird at parents evening. The encounters I have had with teachers definitely do not have a justified reason after consulting my friends and asking their opinion on the matter. That's why I wrote this article as well to get my opinion heard. Thanks for acknowledging my poems and complimenting them! :)

simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Rhoddwyd sylw 9 mis yn ôl - 31st July 2015 - 08:33am

If we are talking about weird and annoying teachers here, you don't know the half of it...

IT, we had a creepy teacher (I don't need to name him, anyone who's been to Bishop will know who I'm talking about), who used to put his hands on students in lessons when helping them, and would lean over them. V.Creepy.

Science, we had a teacher who would constantly tell our class to be respectful, and Shut-Up. Hypocrite right there Ladies and Gentlemen,

Finally, in French, we had a teacher who had been at the school for many years (she taught many of my classmates parents) and she said that my class were the 'Devils Class' and one student in my class said he didn't have a pen, so she told him to slice open his vein and use his blood to mark his work, and she said that she would warp someones flexi ruler around their neck if they didn't stop playing with it. We had an affectionate name for her... Peahead.

simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Rhoddwyd sylw 5 mis yn ôl - 7th December 2015 - 17:25pm

Oh war, and there was a Welsh teacher who made us do aerobics before Welsh, to 'warm us up'! Oh Dear, Modern education...

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