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Following on from this and this, here's some more musings from the pupils of Bishop of Llandaff...


Who's Your Favourite Pop Star?

Which pop star is your favourite?

By cheekymonkey1

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Soldiers In Afghanistan

I am always thinking about people that have less than us or that have a tough life and are putting their life on the line. For the soldiers in Afghanistan they always do that and people that are fortunate to not have a job like that should help.

By xxXrhinopenguinXxx

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It is almost impossible to start a film without a huge bowl of popcorn sitting on you lap. Even as the adverts start before the film, you can't wait to tuck in to your warm crunchy popcorn...

By dobby:P

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Bishop Vs Cantonian

Since the medieval years the debate has being going on. Two schools right next to each other have been fighting. But it's not all bad; 85 percent of Bishops are friends with Cantonians - but the fight is still on... which one?

By astroidpuffin10

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Massive Crashes

Well on YouTube there's a video called Massive Crashes and it's all about people racing in cars or on motorbikes or quad-bikes having massive crashes. I watched one person do a back flip and jump off his quad-bike; he fell to the ground but got up only for his quad bike to fall on him; all he did was break his leg and sprained his wrist. There was another crash where this guy was on his motorbike and he was going really fast but he fell off one meter away from the finish line and couldn't get up so he was pulling himself across the finish line; he won the race with a broken leg and cracked spine.

By curly fries 5000

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School Uniforms: Good Or Bad?

In some way school uniforms are good but in other ways they are bad. They are good because we are all treated like equals but we should also be allowed to express ourselves; we are being turned in to something we are not.

What do you think?

By Smurfgirl14/7

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Football Rivalry

Why do football teams hate each other? All teams should just stop being rivals and play football for once. Do you agree? 

Why do Manchester City and Manchester United hate each other? Barcelona and Real Madrid?

Comment below to share what you think.

By LeSlenderman

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Well rabbits are cute and fluffy but they could get out of people's gardens and come into your garden. In my back garden there is a rabbit and we are trying to catch it in a box but it is too fast. We had to set up a trap and so far it goes in the box yet comes back out. We almost caught it yesterday but it escaped. If we catch it today we will give it to the owners but if it comes in our garden again it will be going down the RSPCA.

By curly fries 5000

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Film Review - The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is set in the future where a boy and a girl from each district are selected to compete in The Hunger Games, a live TV show where 24 children fight to the death. There is only one rule: kill or be killed. Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to take her sister's place for District 12, along with another boy called Peeta (played by Josh Hutcherson).

This is an unmissable action/adventure film with a gripping and thrilling storyline - you will have your eyes glued to the screen!

By iLuv1D

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Who Is Jesus And Why Did He Come To Earth?

"Who is Jesus," you might ask, "and why in the world did he come to the Earth?". First, Jesus is a supernatural being; he is the Lord of Lords. The Bible describes him as the messiah. His is everlasting, the same yesterday, today and forever!

Secondly, Jesus came so he could take away our sins, take away our suffering and to bring us happiness. Jesus died so we could have eternal life. If you accept Jesus into your life, he will take away all your pains and because he loves us so much.

My message to all of you out there is Jesus loves you! He loves you very much, so accept him in to your life and be consistent and all your suffering will be gone!

God bless you!

By Annie J

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Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 2nd November 2012 - 15:13pm

I acknowledge your views of Jesus and disregard them completely!
Focusing on things that are actually interesting, I think that Smurfgirl14/7, you should revive the school uniform debate. It always gets a lot of attention and response as it means a lot to different people!

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