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Llanishen Tax Office: Shaped Like A Swastika?

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 11/06/2015 am 15:30
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In Llanishen, Cardiff, I am sure many of you will have seen the huge tax offices (HMRC), opposite the leisure centre but did you know that they are shaped like a swastika?

If you don't know what a swastika is, it's the logo that the German Army used in World War 2. If you look at the tax offices from the top (best to use Google Maps), you will see that all four buildings make up the logo.

Now, in my opinion, this is shaped like this on purpose because how could an architect mess something up like that? It's not very good that it is shaped like that because it is basically saying that they support Hitler and that is not good.

However, the building design does seem to fit what the building is for because many people do not like tax collectors and many people didn't like Hitler.

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Image Credits: Steve Chapple [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons and Google Maps

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Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 11th June 2015 - 15:40pm

Except it's not really though is it? It looks more like a windmill. It's also the 4th tallest structure in Cardiff.

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 11th June 2015 - 16:34pm

People always thought I was lying when I told them this, see.....

— Jennifer Pierce (@Jen_pah) June 11, 2015

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 12th June 2015 - 12:08pm

@FeedTheSprout Classic design flaw of 70s & 80s contemporary architecture. We see things which aren't intentionally there...

— Weeping Tudor (@James4MP) June 11, 2015



Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 15th June 2015 - 15:15pm

Why would you do this intentionally? Obviously a mistake.


Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 15th June 2015 - 15:33pm

maybe it was designed that way. Not necessarily as shaped like a swarstika but maybe made a certain way for the insides of the building. For instance, school buildings are all different shapes to suit the needs of the subjects being taught and the space needed.,



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 22nd June 2015 - 15:30pm

Great point and makes a lot more sense than it being an intentional outside design. People don't often see buildings from above.



Rhoddwyd sylw 10 mis yn ôl - 29th June 2015 - 15:34pm

It doesnt even really look like a swastika

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