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Let It Snow

Postiwyd gan Tom_Bevan o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 03/02/2009 am 15:28
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WORDS & PICS: Tom Bevan (Sprout Editorial Group)

"The heaviest snowfall for 18 years has hit Britain today..."

For the most of yesterday evening I was gripped by the BBC News, gazing jealously at those snow-capped London streets.

A home video from Surrey showed a foot of the white stuff and numerous schools were already closed for the morning.

Here of course, we had missed out on all the fun and I was preparing for another boring day in the classroom.

The weather forecast didn’t promise much and no-one was expecting much. I felt completely despondent.

Then, at about six o’clock, the first snow flakes fell outside my window.

After all the fuss around the country, I presumed we wouldn’t get any, but by 11pm, the snow had settled.

Cue mayhem! People up and down Cardiff jumped out of their beds and into the streets, sliding down the road on trays and trying to make the roundest snowballs to hit each other with.

Well, maybe that was just me and my dad, but at 12 o’clock this morning we were still out there, and what fun we had.

Above are some of the pictures from last night. Now I'm off to cover myself in more of the white stuff.

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awesome :) x

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