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Ko Yao Yai Fundraising

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The Ko Yao Yai Fundraising Group are now recruiting to decide how many young people will travel to work with the children at BanTarue School on the island. We are aiming to recruit a group of up to 12 people in total.

At the moment our intention is to fly from London to Bangkok, stay for two days, fly to Phuket from there and catch the ferry (after an overnight stay) to Ko Yao Yai island where we hope to stay for at least a week to work in the school in order to help the children speak English.

We are looking for young people who are interested in the venture, in order to prepare them for the journey, and to determine the cost of the trip. Hopefully we will travel during Spring 2008.

Ideally young people who travel will have two or more of the qualities below, but also be committed to fundraising and be over 18.
- Knowledge of children’s play
- Musically talented ? acoustic music and singing
- Artistic ? graphics, painting, drama and dancing
- Sport ? ball games (especially football or hockey) and circus tricks
- Photographers
- Well organised
- Knowledge of Welsh/British culture
- Good communication skills
- Experience of English as a second language
- Team workers
- Computer literate

If you know of any young people who are interested, please let them know about the meeting, and confirm their or your attendance at the meeting on Thursday 6th December at 5:30pm in Grassroots Coffee Bar, or by telephoning Jade Lawrence on (029)20231700 or email

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