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Ko Yao Yai Fundraising

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Following the devastating December tsunami of 2005 and visits made to the island by Cardiff Youth Service staff young people in Cardiff have been trying to raise money to support teachers and pupils of Koh Yao Yai Island in Thailand, who need to learn English fast. So far £2349.80 has been raised by Cardiff’s Young People by selling ‘YouthCare2’ wristbands and by taking part in the various events (Battle of the Bands, Fete of the Earth Festival 2007, etc.)

Most of this money has now been sent to a computer company in Phuket (the nearest conurbation) in order to buy the following aid for Ban Tarue School: 5 computers (with English learning software), 1 colour printer, Internet Hardware, Camcorder, Delivery & Installation.

The indigenous population rely on agriculture and fishing to live but will need to learn to speak English, which will be a much needed skill in order to gain employment in any other trade. The provision of educational English language software is a sustainable and practical way of empowering the people of Koh Yao Yai to retain control over their lives once the tourism licenses are in place which is imminent.

Now that the funds have been raised for English Learning Software, Cardiff’s young people are hoping to raise enough funds to travel to Koh Yao Yai. While there the young people will teach English to the children in Ban Tarue School using music workshops, sporting activities, mural painting, graphics as the tools to deliver language lessons.

Although the young people’s efforts have been successful, we are hoping to raise more funds in order to allow the young people to visit Thailand. Ongoing contact will be maintained with Ban Tarue School. By providing the Ko Yao Yai Fundraisers with the opportunity to travel to Thailand, this will continue to raise cultural awareness and enable them to see the results of the fundraising. They will also see how important the computers will be to the future of the young people of Ko Yao Yai.

The Ko Yao Yai Fundraisers Group are organised through Grassroots. Their next venture is a Supporters Membership Scheme. For a membership fee of £10 each member will receive at least 4 updates on funding, the fundraising group, events and news from the island. Mailings will be compiled at Grassroots by young people and E-Mailed to supporters.

For more information or to become a supporter send or deliver £10 to; Grassroots Cardiff Ltd with your name and email address or talk to Les or Jade on 02920231700.

Ko Yao Yai, Grassroots, 58, Charles St, Cardiff, Cf10 2GG

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Rhoddwyd sylw 59 mis yn ôl - 5th July 2011 - 12:55pm

i feel so sorry for you and maybe things might get better in life.


Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 31st October 2012 - 10:19am

feel so sorry 4 u. ahhhhhh

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