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Join Us!

The SPEAK Turn on the Rights project is aimed at making all areas of education more accessible to young disabled people. It was inspired by a workshop that we undertook within our youth forum to find out what problems our members came up against in their lives. Areas such as lack of access to leisure facilities and transport came up. Nevertheless, the biggest issues were all related to a lack of equality or access to education. We therefore decided to set up a training workshop, which would allow us to train professionals in the education system on the things that seemed to bug the young disabled people most about education, and to ask for their help in creating solutions to these problems.

We are planning to continue this training course to reach more schools this year. We would love help to do this so that all young disabled people going into education can do so, on an equal par with their non-disabled peers. That way they only have to worry about the mounds of unfinished homework and getting up early like everyone else. Instead of having to worry whether they can keep up in the lesson because the print outs are too small or having to make a choice of school, based on accessibility rather than the quality of teaching available.

So if you are or know of any young disabled people between the ages of 15 - 19 who might be interested, please contact us. Its not all selfless, those who join us will be offered high quality training (including children’s rights, disability rights and project planning) which members will be able to use not just working with us but in their own lives. Members will gain and develop presentation, communication and team building skills. And believe me it’s a real confidence booster to know that as a young person you can stand up in front of adults and tell them objectively what’s going wrong. We’re also offering an opportunity to meet some motivated, likeminded people, make great friendships, have lots of fun and achieve real change for young disabled people in Cardiff. Those involved will have the support to gain a Youth Achievement Award (YAA). There will also be a chance to take part in Cardiff’s U-SHARE network for young people, get involved in lots of projects and go on training events and residential trips and talk to the people in power in Cardiff. Plus it would be a great thing to put on a C.V.

In return what we would be asking for is for members to attend a 2-hour weekly meeting after school. To participate in at least one training event in one of Cardiff’s secondary schools, to be motivated to achieve change and committed to the project for at least 1 year. Also to show a level of maturity, to keep commitments and put in work when it is needed. Although we are totally aware that many will have other things going on like exams, which we realise have to come first.

All costs associated in taking part in this project will be covered including travel, refreshments and training materials. Members will also receive payment in vouchers for any training workshop that you deliver while working on this project. We hope to be working with you soon!

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