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Jeff Dunham Live in Liverpool Echo Arena

Postiwyd gan thechaser o Conwy - Cyhoeddwyd ar 01/05/2014 am 15:59
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After always wanting to see Jeff Dunham live we finally got the opportunity this past Monday night in Liverpool Echo Arena. As soon as we were told we had the confirmation that we could go to the show we raced to get to Liverpool in time for  half seven that evening.

We managed to get there with plenty of time to spare, so we collected our tickets and made our way to our seats where we anxiously waited for the show to start. After only seeing Jeff Dunham on interviews or on YouTube I knew seeing him live would be even better - and I was right.

Just before he came on the stage we were kept entertained while the plasma screen played little jokes from each character.

When he came out on stage, the audience went crazy. He then started his act with bits about his own comedy surrounding his family and past before asking our help to welcome the first character on stage which was Walter. During his act with Walter, and the fact that we were actually in Liverpool, he made jokes about certain things within Liverpool with each character he brought up on stage which of course made the crowd laugh even more and even surprised Jeff himself. He did some new comedy as well as some we all recognised which meant he had the whole arena laughing all the way through his act.

We didn't realise that the performance was being filmed for a possible chance to be put on DVD. Which I think also made the night even more special. Me and my boyfriend were in stitches the whole night, I even think we laughed at some jokes that Jeff wasn't even sure we would laugh at, which made the night even better in my opinion. I for one would definitely go and see him live again as it was a highly entertained night out and most definitely buy the DVD if and when it comes out as it would show some of his new comedy as well as his common ones like the one he said with Achmed the Terrorist when he said 'I Kill You' and we all laughed in recognition of the joke which again surprised Achmed as well as Jeff.

His next character was Bubba J who was surprisingly funnier than normal as my personal favourite character is Peanut. However, I did find his character just as funny as the rest with his little jokes about the city of Liverpool itself as it shows he looked up the history of the town so he could make his comedy and make us laugh even more.

Then came my favourite character Peanut who came out as 'batnut' who also had his sidekick of the jalapeno on a stick where the comedy between the two was just as funny as his previous shows he has done.

The final character to come out was Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Jeff and Achmed ended the night with great comedy and never failed to entertain the audience of Liverpool.

The staff were helpful and polite as we entered the arena and when we needed help.

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