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Jeff + 21 + Do You Want Some? = Immature

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 08/04/2015 am 12:30
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  • 21 Jump Street

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Okay, so I'll just start off by saying that in my school, there are many people who see these things on the internet - in videos, films and articles, or on social media - and they tell their friends about them just because they think they are cool saying what everyone else is saying.

Take the phrase "My name is Jeff", for example. This is from the film 21 Jump Street and it seems that loads of people find it funny that a man is telling someone his name is Jeff. What is the world coming to? To be honest, it is just immature.

Another phrase that people think is funny is the clip from Vine where a man asks his son what nine plus 10 is and the son answers "21'! I mean, how could this be funny when that young child probably has a learning disability and then you have loads of people going around mimicking the little boy when they see the number 21. What is so funny about the number 21?

Another phrase that people think is funny is "Do you want some? I'll give it to ya'", which is a video on Vine that has gone viral about a man who is being extremely verbally abusive to a rival supporter at a football match. It is just really over-the-top when people who think they are the best mess around and say this when actually it signifies that they want to fight. 

There is nothing funny about any of these phrases because they are just immature, and people who say them do not actually know the meaning behind them.


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5 CommentsPostiwch sylw


Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2015 - 09:22am

this is the world deal with it!!


Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2015 - 09:22am

but this is the world today and we cant stop it.


Rhoddwyd sylw 12 mis yn ôl - 24th April 2015 - 09:38am

such a good film


Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 15th June 2015 - 15:48pm

correction- "my name is jeff" is from 22 jump street not 21 jump street. just had to point that out and there is no harm than having a laugh with quotes and phrases you find on films and viral videos because at the end of the day i.e. the owner of the vine where the child answers 21 would NOT have posted the video if he would be offended by the reaction. he clearly posted it for other peoples amusement



Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 15th June 2015 - 16:46pm

lauthomasx - I did see the error straight after it was published but thanks for pointing it out. I do feel however that these viral phrases are being used way too much and therefore I felt it was necessary to write an article on it.............people who think these things are funny are very immature and need to grow up just a bit. Laughing at a person with leaning disabilities isn't very nice is it? Plus, listening to someone who is extremely vulgar and verbally abusive isn't very mature.

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