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Is Wales better now it's smoke free?

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Almost one month ago a pool was opened in website to
hear your opinion about non-smoking Wales. Big thanks for those who took an
active role and showed initiative to express their opinion.

Is Wales better now it's smoke free?

86% - YES14% - NO

What you need to know: Go smoke free

Imagine one of the best things you could do in your life. Making a complete
break from smoking. Think about how great it would be to leave, those health
worries behind you. Picture yourself, waking up and feeling totally fresh.
Millions of people in Britain have already gone smoke free and you can too.

The Health Act 2006 devolves powers to the National Assembly for Wales to
make regulations for a ban on smoking in enclosed public places in Wales.
The new law came into force on 2nd April 2007. Assembly Members voted in
favour of the regulations on 30th January 2007.

Smoking and giving up

We all know the damage it can do, but smoking is still a big habit in the
UK. But if you want to give up, there's lots of help available.

A change in law

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 in England and Wales to be
sold cigarettes (or other products like roll-up tobacco and cigars) over the
counter or at a vending machine.

The increase to 18 from 16 is to try and stop people starting to smoke as
teenagers. It's been estimated that people who start smoking at 15 are three
times more likely to die from cancer than someone who starts in their

The smoking ban

It's now against the law to smoke in almost every enclosed public space in
Wales. This includes

? Cafes and restaurants

? Shopping centres

? Railway stations

Why start smoking?

Even though we all know about the health risks connected to smoking,
thousands of people decide to start every year - and a large number of
adults who carry on smoking say that they started when they were under 16.

You may be pressured into starting by some of your friends, you may want to
copy older relatives who smoke or you may just be curious about what it's
like. Whatever sort of pressure you're put under, it's a lot easier to say
no than taking up the habit and trying to give up after years of regular

It also costs a lot of money. If you get through 10 cigarettes a day, it
costs about £1000 every year. Think of all the stuff you could buy or do with that

The health risk

People who smoke regularly are more likely to develop certain illnesses when
they get older. These include lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema. It
can also reduce fertility.

Although nicotine is the thing that makes cigarettes addictive, it's the
other chemicals that damage your health.

Smoking myths

A lot of people put off giving up because they've heard of the side effects.
In fact most of these don't have any truth behind them:

? Cigarettes don't make you relaxed. In fact, smoking actually
speeds up your heart rate

? Giving up doesn't mean you'll put on lots of weight. You may start
eating more when you're giving up, but a couple of extra pounds is a lot
healthier than continuing to smoke

? You might think that you'll give up when you're a bit older, but
the longer you carry on smoking, the harder it will be to quit

? The only way smoking makes you look older is by giving your
wrinkles at an early age

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