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Idiots Of Ants

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WORDS: Danny Champken (Sprout Editorial Group)

Having seen their hilarious 'Facebook-in-real-life' sketch from BBC's The Wall shown on this year's Comic Relief, I was most excited at the prospect of seeing a live sketch show by Idiots Of Ants.

Hosted last Thursday by the Wales Millennium Centre's Weston Studio, the comedy group delighted with countless examples of intelligently linked, yet ludicrously silly humour.

Comprising of four well-dressed and attractive young men (oh yes), Idiots Of Ants must be commended for their diversity and wit, and for proving that comedy needn't be complicated by excessive costumes or plots.

These guys successfully pull together a full-length and unendingly funny show out of minimal props and maximum dedication, dealing with such unattended topics as the fate of Del Boy after he fell through the serving hatch at the bar?

After forming in 2007, Andrew, Benjamin, Elliot and James have enjoyed mounting success, thrilling audiences at two Edinburgh Fringe to five star reviews, and in turn with their television sketches for BBC3 and E4.

As part of the Weston Studio programme for 2009, Idiots Of Ants have undoubtedly provided one of the most gratifying contributions to this initiative to showcase promising talent.

Adopting a quick-witted point of view on some understandably thus far neglected comedic influences, such as Tom And Jerry and Where's Wally amongst others, the foursome are charmingly relatable yet also refreshingly innovative.

Not usually being the sort to appreciate laddish humour, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself roaring with appreciation at silly and boyish skits, simply because the guys presenting it were so amiable and understood their own silliness.

Stylish, slick, and achingly funny, Idiots Of Ants' work will not go unnoticed if there is any justice in the world.

We can only pray for their quick return to South Wales and our television screens.

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