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History of Llandudno

Postiwyd gan thechaser o Conwy - Cyhoeddwyd ar 18/07/2012 am 12:54
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Listening to family friends talk about their views on the Alice in Wonderland statues being in Llandudno and how happy people used to be before all the w generation came along and how they had plenty of choice on what to do with having four cinemas around town couple theatres and more places for young children to play while it was sunny and have something productive e to do in Llandudno.

What was being said by a family friend was “that the status doesn’t belong in Llandudno as there is no real connection and there are a waste of money as no one in and out of the Council seems to know how much they are costing the town.” They also said “that they should be spending the money on facilities for children like a bigger swimming pool where children can practice swimming for things like the Olympics as we never hear about anyone in Llandudno succeeding due to less facilities where they can practice in chosen fields of sport even badminton or tennis.” As they can give people the opportunity to vandalize as they are made of wood while they have vandalised the statue in Westshore.

There was talk about whether they thought the statues should stay in Llandudno and see what the residences in the town think of having the statues and how they think the Council should spend the money instead.

Now Bonkers is the only place that families take their kids on a day out or when they have nothing to do on a rainy day as its inside and they provide many things to keep the children playing and happy at the same time where the family can also see how much fun they are having. Now there is nowhere else for families to do that around Llandudno as the nearest cinema is in Llandudno Junction and sometimes families can’t afford to get there if they don’t have a car. Now the town is full of clubs for the teenagers to go out weekends getting drunk instead of finding something productive to do as when they are drunk they can do silly things and act differently than they would while being sober.

There was also talk of whether daffodils should represent Llandudno as they are the flowers that represent the town.

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Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 7th October 2012 - 19:47pm

Hey just read your article and would just like to push some comments your way on what I think of this, hope you don't take negatively.

First off I'd like to disagree with the comments over the Alice Statues, Alice in Wonderland was originally written in the Gogarth Abbey of Westshore Llandudno which the connection obviously comes from hence the original stone statue on Westshore..

These recent Alice wood statues and the Clock on the prom were put in to mark the 160th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland.

Secondly, the comments made about building facilities for children to practice for Olympics etc.. well we've not long had the Olympic sized swimming pool built in Llandudno and then there's the tennis courts in Craig Y Don all outdoors with loads of clubs to join like karate etc.. and then the indoor and outdoor facilities in Ysgol John Bright too, there's quite a few places for them to go.

& to finish, the comment about Daffodils representing Lladudno.. well, The Daffodil is the National Emblem of Wales, not just Llandudno.. but however don't see a side of argument with this comment, that's the Emblem, that is that.

Hope you find this helpful, see you around!

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