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Health Boss Maria Battle Answers Your Questions - Part 4

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  • Sgwarnog9394 and Maria Battle

TheSprout has teamed up with the Cardiff Partnership for a series of interviews with the leaders of Cardiff's main institutions, and this week we interviewed the Chairperson for the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (CVUHB), Maria Battle.

We asked for your questions and we only went and ruddy asked them. So without further ado here's the person in charge of health in Cardiff answering your questions on paying for the NHS, the effect of immigration, and what the CVUHB is doing to support our ageing population.

(Maria provided really detailed to all of your questions, so we've had to break this interview down into a few articles. You can find the other parts here.)

Personal, Social and Health Education (Public Health)

Q21. What is the purpose of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University? How does it work?

  • Cardiff & Vale UHB has no involvement with the Common Cold Centre - it is an independent University based centre to conduct clinical trials on new treatments for common cold and flu.
  • The Centre has two areas of operation a) clinical trials on new treatments for common cold and flu and b) clinical research

Q22. Cardiff has a fantastic international reputation for medical research. How does the UHB work with our universities on medical research? What do you think our most important finding to date has been? What exciting and potentially very important things are being researched right now in Cardiff? Could Cardiff one day find the cure to a major disease, like Alzheimer's or cancer?

  • UHB works very closely with many organisations including, Cardiff University, other Welsh Universities as well as working nationally and internationally with universities, charities and commercial organisations, seeking to bring new therapies to patients in Wales.
  • We currently have over 600 active studies and recruited over 6,800 new patients (into studies last year including almost 1000 in cancer studies.
  • Two of the biggest challenges our population faces is cancer and diseases of the elderly including dementia. We have been involved in identifying genetic abnormalities pre-disposing people to cancer and have undertaken many exciting trials including "first in human" studies -i.e. first people anywhere in the world to receive a drug!
  • We are very fortunate that the UHB has a vibrant Clinical Research Facility that is able to support cutting edge trials in many different disease areas with our university partners.
  • We currently have 2 ongoing research studies looking into dementia within the UHB

Questions we all want to ask:

Q23. Have you been on Casualty (if not, would you like to be?!)?! Do medical dramas give a fair representation of and insight into the Welsh NHS? 

  • Staff from UHW are often asked to advise on technical issues and story lines so there is a good degree of insight into our work. The work our staff do in the Emergency Unit can be life and death as we deal with some of the most difficult and challenging cases from across Wales, and on occasion from across the Bristol Channel. However the staff do deal with a great deal of routine things, including things people really shouldn't use the Emergency Unit for. That is why we have the Choose Well campaign that encourages the public to use health services appropriately and in particular to use the Emergency Unit for emergencies. If anyone is unsure what service is right for them they should contact NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47.

Q24. Does Cardiff & Vale University Health Board have a zombie apocalypse plan? 

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Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

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