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Hacking And Cheating Is Wrong

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 08/05/2015 am 11:59
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I am sure many of you readers will play multiplayer games such as Call Of Duty and many of you will wonder how lots of people can call in loads of airstrikes/helicopter support.

This is done by hacking.

Also you probably will get annoyed by being killed loads.

It is all down to the lazy people sitting at their computers at home, having nothing to do so they try and hack into the game for a bit of fun so they can get to the top of the leader boards. This is not fair on the genuine players who are falling victim to this. Games such as Call Of Duty are absolutely full of hackers and people who use software called aimbots which automatically aims the gun on other players. Aimbots also aim the gun on people hiding behind walls so the hacker can shoot through the wall and kill them which is really not fair.

This needs to stop but also, I was playing on an old version of Call Of Duty the other day and there were so many campers (people who camp out in a certain part of the battlefield where they know they will get a lot of kills). I was getting killed every 10 seconds so I asked politely to this one guy to stop and he started swearing at me and saying stuff about my mum, but let's not get into that; the point is that hacking into games is completely wrong and unfair.

Cheating is also a major part of many multiplayer games and I decided to try it on Call Of Duty 4 for the purpose of this article. I camped out in part of the battlefield where everyone spawns in and guess what; I got 20 kills within a minute. That's obviously how people do it but I guess that there is no way of stopping this.........

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