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Gabalfa School Starts Peddling

Postiwyd gan Sam Sprout (Editor) o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 18/03/2010 am 15:51
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Scott Young, Cardiff City legend (he scored the winner in a FA Cup tie against Leeds United in 2002, back when they were a big team) and keen cyclist will push start Gabalfa Primary School’s new cycling scheme.

Back in the 1950s they thought we would be jetting around in flying cars. But then global warming was an insulation firm in Seattle (probably) and not one of the greatest threats to mankind. If people back then had predicted that the humble bicycle would be the perfect vehicle of the future they would have been scoffed at. But cycling is a key component in the fight against climate change and obesity, another big threat to western societies.

More people on bikes mean fewer cars on the road, more people doing exercise and a boost in sales of Lycra cycling shorts. Two of these are good things.

Anyway, on Wednesday March 24th Scott Young, who is now Cardiff City’s Football Development Manager will open a brand new “cycle storage unit”, by which they mean a bike shed.

Gabalfa Primary Schhol is part of Sustrans Bike It project and encourages students to get into the habit of cycling places, which will hopefully ease the problems caused by the “school run” and keep fit. At the moment 20 pupils cycle to school but a new fancy-pants “cycle storage unit” will be sure to inspire more. As will the visit of Cardiff Council’s Road Safety Team, teaching Year 6 pupils about on-road safety.

If bike sheds, ex-Cardiff City defenders, or watching a ribbon being cut is your thing then be there for 10am sharp. 

Here, have some information on cycling.

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