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Postiwyd gan lucozade o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 11/11/2008 am 14:10
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WORDS: Luke Todd (Youth Editorial Group)

It was a full house when Flashdance opened in Cardiff Bay earlier this week. The eighties musical hit the Wales Millennium Centre stage as an ideal for everyone, particularly those who enjoyed Footloose recently.

As is the case with many musicals, this show is generally held together by the strong dance sequences (courtesy of Arlene Phillips - Strictly Come Dancing). In between these impressive scenes the storyline and script is quite loose and undeveloped, so I found myself waiting for the next number.

The cast provided some excellent performances and the male singers - amongst them Noel Sullivan from Hear'Say - all had very impressive voices. Even the chorus dancers and singers proved their worth, and it was a nice to nice touch in using the dancers to help entertain the audience whilst a scene change was taking place.

The set resembled a warehouse, in which Alex (played by Victoria Hamilton-Barritt) worked. Her ultimate dream is to develop her hobby of flashdancing and gain a place at the local dance academy. Along the way there are plenty of smaller stories of heartbreak and love, particularly between Alex and her mother, and with Mr Hurley (Sullivan). The show hit the interval on a high using the iconic image where Alex is lying against a chair with a shower of water pouring onto her.

The second half felt a lot more energetic and exciting, perhaps due to an increase in dance numbers and the climax. A number of scenes stood out including a montage during which all the performers portrayed Alex and Hurley’s nine dates - from a meal to watching a wrestling match. Another unique scene involved a nightmare sequence following some devastating news, which allowed the company to use interesting and effective dance.

A live band provided the music, including Gloria, Drop-out Delinquent and not forgetting the titular song. Due to its story of hope and ambition, the show meant that the audience left the theatre happy.

The slogan "take your passion and make it happen" really applies not just to Alex and the show itself, but also to many other young people who are finding it difficult to follow their dream-paths. A show well worth catching before it moves on.

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
10-15 November

Tickets: £5-£32. Info: 08700 40 2000

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