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Equal Love Campaign

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  • Equal Love

After reading hisgirl 210410's article about same-sex marriage, it reminded me of a campaign I heard human rights activist Peter Tatchell talk about at last year's Come Out And Play conference.

The Equal Love campaign is a campaign for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and different-sex civil partnerships. The legalisation of both these things are important for many different reasons.

One of the reasons being that transgender people's rights are affected by their marital status. For example, a transwoman who got married to a woman before coming to terms with her gender identity (male assigned at birth) would not be able to get her gender recognition certificate until she got a divorce and would have to have a civil partnership.

Some same-sex couples want to have a marriage but currently cannot do so. Some different-sex couples disagree with the institution of marriage for various reasons including its history of oppression, so they would rather have a civil partnership. On the website not only can you sign the petition but it also gives you the information to email your MPs and MEPs. If you believe in equal love I encourage you to sign and share.

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