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eBay: Fraudsters Exploit Money Back Guarantee

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 10/06/2015 am 08:54
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Many of you will have heard about eBay and how you can pick up a great bargain on there, but did you know that it is a great platform for fraudsters?

Yes that's right and I only found out about this from the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago but I decided to research further, so people can be made aware about what they are letting themselves into.

eBay is an e-commerce website where you can sell pretty much anything you want; cars, toys, collectibles, houses and even private jets! eBay has started to make a lot of money over the past few years; It's NET income in 2014 was US$46 million.

eBay makes its money by charging tax on the amount of money a seller sells their items for and I myself sell on eBay a lot. In fact, I just sold a tablet on there for £74.99 but now at the end of the month, eBay will take money from my PayPal account, which is called VAT and also PayPal will take a small fee if the buyer pays with PayPal.

According to eBay's Fee Calculator, I will be charged £8.65 for selling my item. To be honest I am not that bothered about this because there isn't really another place I can sell my stuff on and I don't really want to sell my stuff to the likes of Cash Generator who pay pennies for good items.

Anyway, back to the story. I saw this article in the Daily Mail the other day about how eBay can be a platform for fraudsters and it is absolutely right. On eBay, if you receive an item which is 'not as described' or is broken or something like that, you have to contact the seller to try to resolve it. If the seller and the buyer cannot resolve it, then eBay have a policy called the eBay Money Back Guarantee where they will review the situation and they will give a full refund to the buyer if they think there has been unfair play or if the seller has not responded.

I must admit, I have used this a couple of times when the seller has never responded to me, and eBay have always refunded me but what I have just learnt is that eBay don't refund you from their own bank account, they charge the seller and they automatically take the money from their account. In some circumstances this is acceptable but when fraudsters come in to play, then it is not really.

A typical situation when someone can fraud eBay is like this: The fraudster buys for example an iPad for £400 and the item is delivered to them with no problem. They then get in contact with the seller to say it is not as described and that they would like to return for a refund. The seller has refused because they have stated on their listing that they do not accept returns and that the item was as described. After eight days the fraudster will get eBay involved and will put in a claim. If eBay decides to refund the fraudster then they will get their money back but they also get to keep the item. Then the poor seller will have their PayPal account robbed of £400 without the item being returned to them and in some circumstances, their account may be closed.

This is quite disgraceful and I think that eBay should do something about it before lots of people start to do this. Comment below with your opinion!

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