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Co2 emissions in Wales, highest in the uk

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Carbon emissions per person in Wales are the highest in the United Kingdom and the 12th highest in the world, according to a report.
Research by the National Assembly's Members Research Service suggests Wales is failing to hit UK reduction targets.

It said the nation produced 14.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person in 2004, compared to 8.8 tonnes in England.

The Welsh Assembly Government said work was already under way to develop policies to tackle climate change.

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How Can I help?

There are ways you can help cut greenhouse gases and help stop global warming.

They are simple things, but can make a difference if everyone does them!

- Re-cycle glass bottles, jars, newspapers and magazines and tin cans. Save them and take them to local re-cycling centres.

- Re-use plastic shopping bags and envelopes, don't get new ones

- Persuade you mum or dad (or whoever does the gardening) to have a compost heap.

- Put a brick in a plastic bag into your toilet cistern, then the toilet will use less water each time you flush. Don't worry that's plenty of water to get rid of...

- Use paper on both sides.

- Try and buy products that don't use much packaging.

- Give unwanted gifts and clothes to a charity shop.

- Only fill the kettle up with the amount of water you need to boil that time.

- Don't leave the TV or video on standby.

- If you get lift to school in a car, take your mates along for the ride.

- Ask whoever does your washing to use the machine at 40 degrees, this helps conserve power.

- Switch lights off when you're not in the room

- Get a clockwork mobile phone recharger

- Cycle to places!

- Have showers instead of baths.

(Facts taken from the CBBC website)

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the gamer

the gamer

Rhoddwyd sylw 62 mis yn ôl - 11th April 2011 - 16:09pm

this would be very usefull if everyone would do this. But what difference can one man do? he would be cancled out by everyone.The only way people will start to listen is when global warming becomes too dangeres and comes close to destroying our planet.


Rhoddwyd sylw 58 mis yn ôl - 13th July 2011 - 13:46pm

I'm pretty shocked by are CO2 emmissons are the highest in the UK


Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 31st October 2012 - 10:32am

there is too much CO2


Rhoddwyd sylw 43 mis yn ôl - 31st October 2012 - 10:35am

i'm supprised at the ammount of CO2 and i think we all need to reduce reuse recycle!!!

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