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CLICmas #21

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Welcome to window #21 of the CLICmas Advent Calendar! If you'd like a window of your own to strut your Christmas stuff in (or should that be stuffing - parp!) and have the chance of winning a Nintendo 3DS then email as soon as possible.

Christmas is celebrated differently in different countries. Some of these celebrations are really weird as well! Let's go on a quick tour...

1. Denmark

Out of these countries, Denmark is one of the closest to the UK, but everyone doesn’t get all hectic about decorations. Phew! Usually the family goes to church in the late morning, while the father stays at home. He decorates the Christmas tree himself, puts the presents underneath and sets the table (the tree is always in the same room as the dining table). When the family come home, they prepare for Christmas dinner, and eat. The presents are opened at the table after the dinner.

2. Sweden

In Sweden, the name of Christmas Eve is Julafton. They eat strange things in Sweden as well. A full dish of cod is served. Yes, cod. This meal is called lutefisk, which means the cod was dried out and rinsed before cooking. This is usually served with rice porridge. Imagine eating that!

3. Austria

Celebrations start on December 6th in Austria. It is tradition for children to wait outside their houses in the night in Austria, waiting for Saint Nicholas. Not Santa, even though he is also called St. Nick. It might be him, but it he is always called Saint Nicholas.

4. France

France is similar to us, too. They had a tradition, but it’s old. I think it is dead now. Crafters would secretly spend December making little clay figures of the Nativity scene. It would take the whole 25 days doing these, and when they were done they would be put together and then put in special place in the living room. This display is called a crches.

5. Poland

The Christmas holidays in Poland are called ‘the holiday of the stars’. Also, an empty space is always set at the table at Christmas, which is meant for the spirit of the baby Christ. I don’t think they’d put food on the plate, though; that would be a place for the dog!

6. Switzerland

On December 6th, it is St. Nicholas' Day, which is, of course the Swiss Santa. Yes, I get you. “How is this any different from Austria?” you may ask. The answer – I don’t know. We did these countries separately in school, so there you go.

7. Mexico

Christmas celebrations last nine days in Mexico.  During these nine days, there would be house parties. These are special house parties are called pousadas.

8. Germany

A special ‘Kranz’ (wreath) is hung up for the advent. The special ornament has four candles – one to light at the start of every week of December. The advent in Germany is the time before Christmas when people have time to think about Christ. Well they’re meant to, anyway.

9. Australia and New Zealand

Everyone knows that the southern hemisphere celebrate Christmas in the summer, rather than winter. So, based on this, Australians and New Zealanders cook their Christmas dinner on the barbie. Also, the carols there are about the sun rather than snow.

10. Spain

Last on my list is Spain. This is weird. Children would put their shoes on the mantelpiece on Christmas Eve so Santa Claus can fill them with sweets in the night. This is rather nice, isn’t it? What is really random is that everyone receives their presents on January 6th. Why is everything on the 6th?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned something new!

Which country above would you like to celebrate Christmas in most (only the countries above; unless you have something interesting about another country to share?).

Comment below...

Are you a writer, photographer, film-maker, illustrator, DJ, musician, animator, blogger, poet or generally creative so-and-so who has something to say about Christmas? Well email to grab your CLICmas window now and win a Nintendo 3DS!

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Rhoddwyd sylw 53 mis yn ôl - 21st December 2011 - 11:42am

Poland! My girlfriend's left knee is Polish or something and we have a traditional Polish feast on Christmas Eve of borscht, pierogi and rainbow trout (though I think it's meant to be carp).

We always have a guest and we always leave a place free though I was told it was for any unexpected guests or travellers rather than the spirit of Jesus Christ.

It's quickly becoming my favourite part of Christmas!



Rhoddwyd sylw 53 mis yn ôl - 21st December 2011 - 12:54pm

To the Spain question, according to made-up decisions about the birth of JC, the three wise men didn't show up til January 6th. With the association between the TWM and presents, I assume that's why Spain wait til Jan 6th for gifts.

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