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Carbon Soldier Single

Postiwyd gan Tom W o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 30/11/2008 am 15:15
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WORDS: Tom Williams (Youth Editorial Group / Climate Change Champion For Wales 2008)

The potential hit single, Carbon Soldier, is released tomorrow (Monday 1 December).

It highlights the simple things that we can all do to help reduce our carbon emissions that tie in with everyday life, by following the day of a 'carbon soldier'? and it’s a rap; a great conglomeration of ideas that produce a truly unique piece ? one not to miss!

It was written by the Climate Change Champions For Wales who also provide the shout-back for the rap, and was recorded in the Wales Millennium Centre with the help of Cerdd. It is to be the grand send off the Champions wanted as they leave their posts after a very busy and successful year as green ambassadors for Wales. They want their aftertaste to be sweet ? because, as said before, we can take on climate change and win!

It’s download only, because of the huge pollution produced from making CDs, and it bears the thought that noise doesn’t always have to be polluting! It’s off, and will cost you just 79p! If you click here you will find a link to it, too, plus more on us Climate Change Champions.

Or you can text the word SOLDIER to 78789. It will cost just £1.50. You can text MILWR for the Welsh version to the same number. All download proceeds will go to Environment Wales, meaning it will all go into projects here - improving the lives of people here.

The message is serious, but the song is designed to be a bit of fun, too ? a great laugh, and a great Cardiff accent ? check it out! You can help us spread the word about climate change and get the Climate Change Champions into the Top 40 by downloading the song.

Get buying, get listening, and get saving ? because to "save our Wales, we gotta save power!"


The Facebook Group - post it to your profile and invite everyone in to join the fun!

See the effects of climate change in Wales here and calculate your carbon footprint here.

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