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Britain's Got Talent: The Truth & My Views

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 02/06/2015 am 10:14
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  • Matisse The Dog (SCREENGRAB)

Most of you will have heard of the notorious TV show that comes around every year called Britain's Got Talent.

On Sunday 31st May 2015, the final of the show, which has been going on for a few weeks was broadcast live with 12 acts performing.

I will get straight to the point here; the winners were Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse the Dog and they definitely should not have won - not at all!

Yes, the act was very good and all but we have seen this before with that dog called Pudsey who won the show a few years ago. In my opinion, something that has never won before should have won the show such as Cor Glanaethwy.

In my eyes these are the rightful winners and I will tell you why.

As it says on the Wales Online, both Jamie Raven and Jules had major flaws in their acts. Firstly, when Matisse supposedly walked on the rope, it wasn't actually Matisse. It was a stunt double called Chase. Jules spoke on the Lorraine show saying: "Matisse is a little bit afraid of heights so although he could officially do it, Chase is the action dog, so he plays the double for him."

And then Jamie Raven, the magician; loads of people could see right through his trick. As he put his hand in the bag to reveal the lemon to Alesha Dixon, he obviously slipped the BGT banknote into the lemon through the hole in the bottom, which a lot of people could see when he revealed the lemon. So, in other words, Cor Glanaethwy, our Welsh choir are the rightful winners and should have won the show along with a well deserved £250,000 and a chance to be in The Royal Variety Performance.

Now, onto my opinion on some matters about BGT. I think that there should be an age requirement on Britain's Got Talent because it just gets out of hand when little children who don't get through start crying on the stage. That, sword fighting girl called Jesse-Jane did this, and it is unfair that she got voted back on through the Wildcard by the public because, in my opinion, she was a very bad act, and that lovely singing group called Revelation Avenue could have come back on, because they were amazing!

I think that the age limit should probably be around 11 or 12 because these young children who go on there, who can't take the word "no" being said to them will have their dreams crushed and this would be quite bad.

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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2 CommentsPostiwch sylw

simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 2nd June 2015 - 16:29pm

I'n not sure saying the 'Truth' in the article Title is correct, as the truth depends on your viewpoint. To people who thought Jules and Matisse should have won, in their minds they were deserving winners. However, I don not think that they should have won, as like you said, we've seen that sort of act with Pudsey. I was pushing for Jamie Raven, as even if one of his tricks was flawed, he was still a fantastic act. Getting a helicopter on stage in the semi-final without being seen or heard was pretty impressive!


Rhoddwyd sylw 11 mis yn ôl - 15th June 2015 - 15:46pm

In my view, Jules and Matisse did sort of cheat.
The act states that it is only Jules and Matisse, yet she used a dog which wasn't in the act at all.

I also believe that the whole tight rope situation won it for them because Matisse was alright but Ashleigh and Pudsey will always be the originals and I feel as if Jules just did a re-make/copied.

There were a variety of very contrasting acts which should've won instead, such as Jaime Raven.

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