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Following on from thisthis and this, here's some more musings from the pupils of Bishop of Llandaff...


Review: The Last Samurai

This film starts off as your everyday American hero film with Tom Cruise playing the drunken war hero although this film takes a rather dramatic turn when he gets caught by samurai.

He soon learns that life for the samurai is not as vile as he seems to think. He finds love and learns to respect the samurai leader. He soon learns the way of the samurai and ends up fighting the people for which he works.

This is a great film for people who love the Tom Cruise style action film although it is a 15, showing the darker side of Tom Cruise compared to films like Mission Impossible.

By monkey52

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Hygiene: Is It Needed?

That's the question I ask myself everyday when my mum tells me to have a shower using soap. I don't think we need to shower or bath. I live in Wales and I have a shower everyday when I step outside the door. If you agree please comment, if not comment also so I can prove you wrong.

By peppapig

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Poem: Pressure On Girls These Days

I'm fat, not skinny,
I'm ugly, not pretty,
I smell bad not nice,
I have short hair not long hair, 
This is how I feel, 
People agree,
People disagree, 
Words hurt, 
Keep quiet.

By megatron

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Sandals Vs Crocs

Both are a popular summer shoe. Crocs come in many vibrant colours and are waterproof. Sandals are more wear-around-town type of shoes while Crocs are more of a beach shoe. Sandals come in many different brands, patterns and shapes. Crocs are only made by one company and in one material but in many colours, some turn into sandals themselves.

For the kids Crocs would be a better idea because they are made out of rubber and can be washed easily. You can collect lots of different icons to go onto your Crocs. There is one problem with them; if they do get wet they can rub your feet. Crocs cost around £20.

Sandals would be a better option for the older generation because they go with any outfit in the summer. Prices range from £5 to £50 and can go higher depending on whether you want designer ones or cheap wear and tear sandals. The downfall is if they do get wet they take quite a lot of time to dry and they can stain sometimes, if they get muddy.

Thanks for reading please comment below with your opinions and ideas.

By pingu

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COD: Black Ops 2

So, it's finally here. The most anticipated game of the year Black Ops 2. So is it really as good people said it would be? Not really.

The online gameplay is just like BO - dark and dull. The guns brighten it up a little. There are only six assault rifles, not a lot compared to MW3. The AN-95 is a replica of the AK but with better accuracy and damage, sadly you only unlock it at the highest level.

There are 55 levels and 10 prestiges, an improvement on MW3. I mean 20 prestiges? That's too much and level 80? You're kidding right?

The way they went for a futuristic look is OK I guess; the only futuristic thing about the game is probably the attachments. The target finder scope is my favourite; it identifies targets with a red square around them and is really useful for scanning out buildings or objectives like bombs and flags.

The zombies? Probably the best thing about the game. The maps are quite bad I have to admit, but TranZit changes it all. It's a bus where you can go around each map and collect items for upgrading the bus or making useful things like a zombie shield; it can protect you from the back and can knock zombies away easily.

The campaign is just, weird... you play as Alex Mason's son. I'm not going to say anything else to spoil it.


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Get Hyper

Get hyper is when everyone goes mad and you can get mad with your dad, brother or anyone else. Ksi uses it on YouTube when he dose Q&A and it is funny. Get hyper! 

By santastyle

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She is one of the world's most famous pop artists. I think that she is the best looking woman in the world other than my girlfriend obviously. She has just brought out a new album called Unapologetic with loads of new songs on it. Chris Brown and David Guetta both have a song with her on the album. It's a great album and I think it's worth buying.

Stupidly Rihanna is back with Chris Brown. Even after he beat her black and blue in 2007. Just recently Rihanna was seen back stage at one of Chris Brown's concert.

By sexy sam

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Manic Mobiles

This is an article about phones; there are lots of types of mobile phones in the world from BlackBerrys to iPhones to Android phones and so on. Some phones are really expensive, such as iPhones but some Android phones are quite cheap and you can play lots of games on Android and iPhones but there are not many games on available BlackBerry. So I would get an Android if I were you.

By zac9876

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