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BBC Work Experience Opportunities Now Available

Postiwyd gan G123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 24/02/2016 am 18:58
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Work experience opportunities are currently open on the BBC Careers Hub - deadline for applications is 28th February 2016.

Opportunities are available in TV, Radio, Online. In Cardiff, areas range from Newsroom to Drama.

Work experience such as this is fundamental to young people. When you apply for jobs in later life in your chosen carer path, it is crucial that you have some work experience. If you you're not sure what you want to do right now, don't panic. What you can do is apply for work experience in all different carer paths. Explore. See what you like. You may surprise yourself. If you are selected to work for such a large and highly-profiled organisation as the BBC, you are off to a flying start!

Work experience is offered to young people because it helps you to experience what working life is really like; it's not all early starts and late finishes. It completely depends on the carer path you take. However, no experience will ever go unnoticed and it looks great on your CV. It will also help you prepare for interviews and presentations you might have to give for future jobs.

BBC Wales are looking to recruit from as wide a pool of candidates as possible and would welcome applications from suitably qualified and interested candidates.

"Working for BBC Wales is exciting, rewarding and challenging - and we want to ensure our doors are open to everybody with the attitude and commitment to succeed" - BBC Wales. 

We strongly advise that anyone who is interested should look carefully at the role profile before applying. BBC Wales offers a wide variety of jobs and each job has its own specific skills and requirements that need to be met for the application to move forward, so it is important that people apply for roles that really interest and suit them and the attributes, skills and qualifications that they have.

Should anyone wish to apply, they can find more details about the roles and about how to apply by clicking here.


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