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Banter: It Bruises And Batters

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"Banter" is a very commonly used word that mostly is used between immature young people who haven't learnt to grow up yet, or silly adults who like to be offensive to other people.

Banter is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as "the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks" and this kind of thing is okay but nowadays, it does go over the top and can very quickly become out of hand.

Take last year's series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! for example. Jimmy Bullard, former footballer started a 'bit o' banter' with Jake Quickenden, which very quickly became out-of-hand and it lead to Jimmy being the first person to be voted off by the public, as most people found him to be a bit of a bully. Check out this video of them on the show [Editor's note: Contains swearsies] to get a feel of what over-the-top banter is like.

This happens in my school a lot; people saying stuff about other people's family members, people dissing each other and it is just not needed. In ends up with senior members of staff getting involved, which could just be avoided if it wasn't for ridiculous people using it as an excuse to bully and harass people. Click here for the story of a teacher who banned the word and how "speaking up came at a hefty cost".

Banter is just an excuse to get away with bullying and as anyone would know, bullying is a horrible thing to happen and it is an offence. Taking someone's pencil case, or thumping them on the back may result in the pupil saying, "but siiiiiiirrrrrr, it was just a bit of banter" when in actual fact, this is bullying. I have been called Shaun the Sheep before, which became continuous as when one person said it, all the other people started saying it and when I asked them to stop, they said "calm down, it's just a bit of banter" when it was actually very embarrassing to be called that and was quite hurtful.

Luckily after many times of politely asking them to stop, they did and I was able to control the situation without getting an adult involved but if you fall victim to something like this, then don't hesitate to tell an adult! No one should have to put up with stuff like this because I regularly have my pencil case taken and then given back to me by immature t***s who think that they are God but I have just learnt to put up with this because what is the point in arguing back?

After all, they are just going to keep doing it if you give them reason to.

If you've been affected by banter, bullying or anything else for that matter and want to talk to someone then Meic, the advocacy, information and advice helpline for young people in Wales, can help you. You can call the helpline free on 080880 23456, text them on 84001 or chat to them online at

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