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Postiwyd gan Tom W o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 11/11/2009 am 16:04
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The biggest revolution since colour film?

Director James Cameron (Titanic) hasn’t just created the blockbuster of the year; he has created the “holy grail” of cinema technology. “This is the one that will take it to the next level."

When his vision for Avatar came in the 1990’s, Cameron had to hold off until the technology to match it bloomed. Now on December 18th in the year of 2009, Avatar will hit cinema screens all over the world.

This 3D film is unlike anything seen before. It’s very different from the days where 3D film was nothing more than the occasional dodging debris as it flew in front of your face; far from the dozens of outstretched arms flapping at the screen and grabbing at the air. Fun as this is, this is a new experience. This puts you in the film. It’s immersive, subtle and awe-inspiring. You are there.

The film itself follows a wheel-chair bound ex-marine, and is set on alien planet Pandora, where the war between its blue-skinned inhabitants and the invading Earthlings is raging.

When the credits roll down you will realise that 3D cinema will never be the same again. Cameron has created this “holy grail” of cinema technology, but why? Because, as he proclaimed recently, "We are born seeing in three dimensions.”

The vision: the 1990’s. The technology: the 3rd millennium. The release: December 18th 2009.

The consequences: forever?

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Rhoddwyd sylw 77 mis yn ôl - 2nd January 2010 - 09:52am

YES!! This film is great and your review summed up my feelings 'bout it Tom. Avatar 2 please!!

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