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Anchors to Anchors Review

Postiwyd gan thechaser o Conwy - Cyhoeddwyd ar 26/07/2014 am 19:32
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It all started with an email on twitter with a link to check out this amazing band and once I checked it out I was hooked on their style, and wanted to do a review of their band so I just emailed back asking questions for my review as I wanted to get more people listening to their stuff.

The name of the band one that they came together while they were throwing ideas around one day. They still however have a long way to go which also means more music from them in the meantime to gain more and more fans which I don't think they will have that much trouble with.

With the competition of many boy bands that keep popping up lately there is a lot of competition. This only makes that much harder for newer bands to try and get noticed and published just as much as well as holding peoples attention long enough to get their music out there more but they are doing their best.

This particular band write their own lyrics for each of their songs on their album and as well as doing that, some of the other artists they would like to work with is Bert from Chunk! No captain Chunk in Kevins words!

As a band they have been together since March 2013. The band actually started in November of 2012 in their drummers garage where they played a lot of pop punk/easycore covers. It was then that they thought they might have something and decided to take it more seriously. The band practices In a garage on a practice-to-practice basis in Altoona, PA. The guy who owns it has a lot of equipment they can use so its a win-win as it means that the band have more time practising than having to worry about time setting up the equipment.

The band have played at a few places live where they have had to have the police come and break up the noise. However when the police got there they let the band finish which to them made them realise that was the moment they became a real band having the crowd get so rowdy for the police to go and break it up.

Here is a little summary from each person in the band for all new listeners out there....

"Brandon Esquivel II - The Morgan Freeman of our band. When we're arguing about something or debating something, Brandon always comes in with (what he things is) the words of wisdom. Whether he's right or wrong, you'll believe what he's telling you after he finishes.

Danny Morgan - The self-proclaimed "heartthrob" of the band. Danny is convinced he is the best looking out of all of us. Also, he's so "go with the flow" that it's so easy to be in a band with him. The kid just wants to play drums and look at himself in the mirror.

Nick Moist -If Anchors to Anchors was a Fortune 500 company, Nick would be the CEO. At the end of the day, he's the last person all the promoters, bookers, venue owners, merch companies, and producers talk to. If you want something from the band, Nick is the guy you're going to be talk to.

Evan Oslund - Probably the funniest, hardest working musician I've ever met. Evan played drums for most of his life but when we needed a bass player he decided he'd give up the drums, learn bass, learn our songs, move from California to Pennsylvania, and gel right in with the band. You see, we've gone through bass players like socks and with this addition we really wanted to make sure it was a guy who fit in with the band, worked hard, and most of all wanted to be here. Evan is all that and a bag of chips.

Kevin Dorko - Okay, self-evaluating is the hardest thing in the world to do, but I'll give it a try I'm a business student at Penn State so I handle all the financials of the band so I'm kind of a the resident numbers nerd. But personality? I'd definitely say awesome, intelligent, handsome, witty, funny; probably just the greatest person in this band. (But seriously) I like to think I'm a pretty genuine guy, what you see is what you get. I try to go out of my way meet and talk to new people at shows and in everyday life. Get me on the subject of guitars, Penn State football, House of Cards, or The Walking Dead and I'll talk your ear off.

Finding out how much tours cost for the band is surprisingly more than I thought it would be...

Tour costs range a lot, depending on where you're going and how long you're going to be on the road for.After food, gas, and finding a place to shower, the cost can be around $1.5k - $2k.However that's not all out of pocket, merch sales and guarantees from venues help a lot. Without them, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. As far as the album goes; we don't have a concrete date yet, but we should have an idea of when the release date will be come mid-August. "

Here is a little taste of their music of a newly released single called “Keep your friends close” You can hear it on our Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp, and youtube. I'll provide the youtube link:

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